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Flail Lord
Flail Lord
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Recorded in the world annals, there lived a legendary heroic figure. He founded a kingdom and conquered the lands. He united the world and subdued other races. He spread useful knowledge for a better living to the populace.

Alexander I, Emperor on the Floating Throne, Conqueror of the Land, Explorer of the Ocean, Observer of the Sky, the Reluctant Sage, the Heaven Smith, the Mystic Alchemist, the Tower Architect, Father of Renaissance.

He come by many aliases and moniker ..., but every historian always mentioned this thing whenever they write about him.

It was a flail. His legend always accompanied by that chained wrecking ball. That weapon of destruction ..., the weapon of a Conqueror.

He was the Flail Lord. And this is his story.


Update every day.

ActionAdultComedyEcchiFantasyHaremMartial ArtsRomanceSmut
Scribbly Anniversary V2
Cultivation Curious Protagonist Curses Dense Protagonist Forgetful Protagonist Inscriptions Loli Magical Technology Multiple Transported Individuals Possessive Characters Technological Gap Unique Cultivation Technique Unique Weapon User
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