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/ Series / Saga of the Cosmic Heroes
Saga of the Cosmic Heroes
Saga of the Cosmic Heroes
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In the 26th Century, catastrophic warfare has rendered Terra uninhabitable, driving humankind to the brink of extinction. Spread out wide among the stars, the Interstellar Federation struggles to maintain order.

In Saga of the Cosmic Heroes, Ensign Victoria Happ-Schwarzenberger follows her father's footsteps in the Metropolitan Space Navy. She hopes to accomplish great deeds, by protecting and preserving the Federation.

Joining Victoria on her quest for fame is Li Chou, known as the Madame Scarface in the Year 217 Mafia. Her adoptive father, Dong Zhui, is a pirate and ruthless dictator nestled on the fringe of the galaxy. The destinies of these two entwine as they seek to write new history in the Cosmic Era.

But history is most often defined by those seeking social justice, and a steadfast matyr named Alexandra Descartes-Dolz has something to say about this.

The history of the Interstellar Federation is about to be rewritten.
Additional genre/tag: Space Opera

This story is being serialized on Royalroad -
Cover art originally an art I commissioned by gar32 on twitter -

There will be chapter illustrations I've commissioned throughout the story, and many more will be commissioned as the story goes on.

Cosmic Wars Female Protagonist Fleet Battles Futuristic Setting Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Outer Space Strategic Battles
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      Status: chapter 0: tragedy:remedy | shattered innocence

      You like spaceships, YES. You like anime girls, Yes.

      Then read this, but if you don’t like either well *Metal bat hitting palm* I’ll find my ways to make you like them

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