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/ Series / I Refuse To Die Without a Husband [BL]
I Refuse To Die Without a Husband [BL]
I Refuse To Die Without a Husband [BL]
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Han Jingyi from "Ascending to the Stars" was a key character whose death led to the antagonist Wang Zhixin's fall from grace and began the protagonist Zhao Yingjie's journey. Any reader can tell you that his death was necessary and although they mourn the character, they don't really argue about whether his death was really that 'necessary'.

H-O-W-E-V-E-R! The young man who was transmigrated into Han Jingyi's body was not any reader! This young man was an avid hater of the series, he devoted all his time to read all 5 volumes JUST to hate it. Why did he hate it so much? BECAUSE HAN JINGYI THE ONE (1) GAY CHARACTER IN THE NOVEL DID NOT HAVE TO DIE!

ActionAdultBoys LoveComedyFantasyHistoricalIsekaiRomance
Ancient China Clever Protagonist Clingy Lover Cultivation Demon Lord Demonic Cultivation Technique Love Interest Falls in Love First Love Rivals Loyal Subordinates Male Yandere Mature Protagonist Obsessive Love Overpowered Protagonist Sexual Cultivation Technique Strong Love Interests Student-Teacher Relationship Transmigration Wuxia Xuanhuan Younger Love Interests
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