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Magnum Opus
Magnum Opus
26.6k Views 347 Favorites 12 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 251 Readers
4.8 (50 ratings)
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Instead of dying in a hit and run, a young man is reincarnated into the video game world of Yggdrasil as the new NPC of the Guild "Ainz Ooal Gown"; a renowned guild of players known for Role Playing as 'Villain's' in the game. The new NPC, however, knows of them from another place, a fictional franchise about an overpowered gamer being transported to a New World with his player character, guild base, and guild NPC's as the servers to Yggdrasil shut down.

Now trapped in the body not of their own making, they must navigate the plot of this formerly fictional world to the best of their abilities. All the while being cautious of the motive and action of the fanatically loyal and mostly evil aligned NPC's of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Will the true cost of survival in this New World, monsters and heroes alike, be the very humanity they wish to preserve?

DramaFanfictionGender BenderIsekaiLitRPGMature
Misunderstandings MMORPG Politics Reincarnated into a Game World Reincarnation Transported into Another World
Table of Contents 12
Reviews 3
Table of Contents
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    New hypernovanix
    Status: chapter 9 – homecoming

    It's a lot of fun, worth reading for an overlord fan. Glad the character has some empathy, too many Overlord stories go really hard on the 'emotional suppressed evil' route. The character is good and I like the way she was worked into the story. The only big question mark for me is the plot, how much is it going to match the themes and tone of the original? I'm hoping that the tension centers more around learning magic and being a force for reform/good in Ainz Ooal Gown than following the original plot. But it's a good start and I'm keen to see where it goes. It's a fun Overlord story with a good set of character

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    0 Likes · Like

    Good solid fun, well worth the reading

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: prologue – death, rebirth, and the...

    Cool story! Hope you can keep writing more!

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    2 Likes · Like
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