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Wave of Isekai!
Wave of Isekai!
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In a unknown Dark Space. Countless numbers of masses float around in the dark like fishes swimming in water. The masses range from all sorts of colors. Most of them are grey with some black and white thrown in, other colors also float around as well.

These are all Souls. They have been brought here, but they aren’t here to ‘Rest in Peace’. They are brought my here by some great force.

All of these Souls are separated into sectors and sections. Hundreds of thousands are in a single sector. The total number of Souls gathered here is enough to make entire Galaxies and Universes feel like a drop in the ocean.

They were all brought here for something special...

You’ve heard of the classic transported or reincarnated into another world right? Well these Souls are going to all sorts of different worlds. In these sectors with hundred of thousands of Souls, they will be put into numerous worlds neighboring each other.

All these worlds will either face a Calamity or a Blessing. It will all depend on the Souls put into these worlds.

Souls that leave to other worlds are all to be given a single special ability. They might also change races. Of course all these are all random, even the great force that gathered these Souls can’t control what they get.

Many things will change when these Souls arrive. Wars will start, Death and destruction will ensue. Order and Chaos will coincide and mix. Gods and once though Immortal beings will perish during these turbulent times.

Game-like systems will activate. Worlds will invade one another. A level of destruction where a world is just like another number on the list of collateral.

Souls that are transported, reincarnated, or transmigrated will all be common if you take account of all the worlds that are housing hundreds of these ‘Special’ Souls.

Author’s Note: Changes description because of poor quality. I will make corrections and edits if I believe somethings is not good for the story. Changes to small and minor details will be common when I look over these chapters.

Foul Language kept to a minimum to keep realism and immersion. Sexual content kept at a all time low, only appearing in indirect mentions. Comedy will come and go as it pleases. 一(´・ω・`)一

Adventurers Alternate World Angels Army Building Crafting Demon Lord Demons Dungeon Master Dungeons Evil Gods Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Forgetful Protagonist Game Elements Gate to Another World Gods Golems Guilds Monsters Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Multiple Transported Individuals Strength-based Social Hierarchy Underestimated Protagonist World Hopping World Invasion
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