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A Wife To No One
A Wife To No One
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In a world where magic, power, and martial arts is present, Feng Yin is didn't have those, only learning a 'bit' of martial arts. Despite being a trash, she can survive in a forest full of danger; even hunting low level beasts to collect their cores and exchange it for money.

One day, the emperor of the country announced that he'll hold a banquet for the appointed crown prince's birthday. All powerful clans and households' main members must be present in which the emperor instructed for a purpose. Feng Yin, as a part of the powerful main household, she must attend even if she's a trash. However, she absolutely despise the hypocrites and troublesome people from the powerful clans- her dislike to them is enough of a reason to not go.

But her father insisted for he doesn't want to lose face in the banquet. So Feng Yin was dragged as she grumbled at the irritating faces she didn't want to see...

Servant, "Young miss, young miss, a ravenette is calling you outside!"

Feng Yin, "Is it a boy?"

Servant, "... Y-yes.'

Feng Yin, "Ignore him. I already told you I detest males."

Servant, "But he looks like the young master from the prestigious Jin Household..."

Feng Yin, "This young miss doesn't care."

Yi ShiRen, "*broke through the door* Little Yin! I came to play but they won't let me in!"

Feng Yin, "Oh, it's you. Come in, come in. Let's play at my backyard. But let me talk with this servant first."

Yi ShiRen, "Okay, okay. I'll wait for you there! *leaves*"

Feng Yin, "Why didn't you let her in?"

Servant, "T-this s-servant thought that young miss detests males..."

Feng Yin, "Are you blind? Yi Shiren is a girl."

Servant, "But young miss's friend exactly looks like the young master from the Jinshu Clan..."

Feng Yin, "Speak more nonsense and I'll throw you out."

Servant, "... This servant was wrong! This servant apologizes for speaking nonsense! Please spare this useless maid!"

[Originality written by this amateur writer.]

The pictures are not mine. All credits belong to the owners/artists.

ActionAdventureFantasyHistoricalMartial ArtsRomanceSupernatural
Ancient Times Beasts Calm Protagonist Character Growth Child Protagonist Confident Protagonist Cultivation Elemental Magic Female Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Magic Beasts Mysterious Family Background Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Romantic Subplot Sect Development Slow Romance Unique Cultivation Technique Weak to Strong Xianxia
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