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/ Series / Unforeseen Variables
Unforeseen Variables
Unforeseen Variables
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Dusklight, a city on the western coast of the Networked States of America, a city of lies, which chews up and spits out those who visit it.
A city of haves and have nots. A city like no other, yet like all of them.
A city where picking up an unexpected passenger is guaranteed to change your life.

After taking on a routine smuggling job, M and her AI companion Century are left making a living in Dusklight, desperately trying not to get too attached to the small community around her. Until a gig that could change her life comes along.

Content Warning: This story is a cyberpunk one, compared to Deviled Egg its society has no had positive growth, or any real growth for that matter. There will be depictions of Transphobia and Homophobia in this work, as well as Gore, Violence and, potentially, Death. I do stand by my creed of No Bad Ends for Queer People, but bittersweet ends are allowed. Specific CWs will be applied for every chapter where needed.

Androgynous Characters Androids Artificial Intelligence Automatons Biochip Clones Comedic Undertone Confident Protagonist Cyberpunk Disabilities Dystopia Female Protagonist Hackers Male to Female Transgender
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