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/ Series / Superior Octavius
Superior Octavius
Superior Octavius
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3.2 (17 ratings)
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A dying Otto Octavius aka Dr Octopus, swapped bodies with Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, leaving Peter's mind to die with Octavius' body.

Assuming Peter's body, and retaining all his own and Peter's memories, he discovered that his much highly regarded foe, who he has never successfully defeated was a loser in real life!

He was disgusted that a man he respected, who had everything going for him, good looks, a gorgeous wife, genius intellect, superhuman powers as well as being a part of the Avengers, somehow Peter could never get his life together!

Otto decides to become superior than his nemesis, becoming a superior superhero, a superior husband, a superior scientist.

Here is my take on the Superior Spider-Man

ActionAdultFanfictionHaremSchool Life
Apathetic Protagonist Body Swap Genius Protagonist Ruthless Protagonist Selfless Protagonist
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      Status: chapter 10 – superior in every way

      Before chapter 6, I would give Rating 4.

      But after chapter 6, I give 2.

      I liked it very much until chapter 6, but after chapter 6 I started to enjoy less and less.

      I had hoped that the story would improve, but after reading chapter 10 I remembered that my grandmother always said: "When alms are too much, the Saint is suspicious."

      I would like to be objective, but for that I would have to count spoilers, which I don't want to do.

      The protagonist of this novel is like a lizard that cuts off part of its tail just to eat more tasty meat.

      My grandfather lived in a small farm, it had a barn where several mice gnaw on the vegetables that were there. Because of this, my grandfather prepared several traps to kill the rats. He gave the many mice that he killed with the traps to the cats that lived on the small farm. But my grandfather was never hurt by the traps. 

      The MC prepares a trap, makes the target fall, but the MC loses something.

      The title of chapter 10 is "Superior in Every Way". So I ask: What it takes for a person (or another living being) to be a superior? Many people would answer me in a similar way to this: "It is necessary that the person (or another living being) be able to have or be something that others do not have or are."

      The MC loses something after he makes the target fall into the trap, and behaves like an ox with viagra. Even though the MC becomes a more powerful god of the multiverse, if he behaves like an ox with viagra then he will be inferior than a human.

      If I summarize my disappointment with this novel in one sentence, it would be: This novel has NTR (Netorase).

      My review got bigger than I expected. I thank those who have had the patience to read this far.

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