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Reincarnation Station
Reincarnation Station
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All Fred wants is a chance to sing and dance on Broadway. This dream is looking increasingly unlikely, as he dies in the second paragraph.
Reincarnation Station is a tale of dubious taste and even more dubious humour. An absurdist exploration of death, dungeons, and dance coupled with mind-bending philosophical questions such as whether or not a jaffa cake is really a cake or just a pretentious biscuit.
WARNINGS: Puns. Stats. An Attempt at a System. General Silliness. Ballet. British. So British your blood with turn to tea. Strong language. You have been warned. There will be rude words. Likewise, if you are related to me in anyway, turn off your device and walk away right now. Life is awkward enough as it is without having to discuss this over dinner.

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      Status: c13

      Even though this is certainly not my cup of tea, it deserves high praise. It is the perfect mix between absurdity, game elements, s*xual jokes, dark humor, and violence. This is certainly one of those quality novels I would read at my leisure.

      Keep up the good work.

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