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/ Series / The Black Saint is My Stalker! [BL]
The Black Saint is My Stalker! [BL]
The Black Saint is My Stalker! [BL]
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Han Li, aged 19, is retiring from hunting for good. Yup, you heard it. He’s putting down his sword and talismans at a ripe young age, leaving the supernatural population control to the brave and the heroic. No more werewolves, vampires or poltergeist or even selkies for Han Li.

But who is this tall handsome guy standing outside his front door!? Why is he trying to get Han Li back into the business of hunting? No, screw it. It doesn’t matter how much of a dreamboat this guy might be, Han Li absolutely, positively, one hundred and fifty percent refuses to budge. And no, he can’t be bribed with money, or food, or kisses for that matter. No means no, you stupid, perverted stalker!

On a side note, what kind of name is Graham Astley? It sounds like a name that belongs to a grandpa. It has to be fake, right?

Graham: “Allow me to explain myself.”

Han Li: “Okay? I’m listening.”

Graham: “…”

Han Li: “…”

Han Li: “So?”

Graham “Wait. I’m still thinking.”

Han Li: “You’re…thinking?”

Graham: “Yes. I am thinking of an excuse.”

ActionBoys LoveComedyDramaFantasyRomance
Comedic Undertone Demons Devoted Love Interests Half-human Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Hunters Modern Fantasy Slow Romance Straight Seme Wealthy Characters
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