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4.6 (196 ratings)
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I never thought much about them.
Mostly for the point that I could never remember any of mine.
And the bits and pieces that remain would never make sense.
This is what dreams are like after all.
Just some random mix, thrown together by an unstable mind to get over the stuff which bothered one during the day.
At least that's what I thought.
Until they turned against me.
Twisted everything I knew and turned my whole existence into a nightmare.
But the thing is...

It's mine.

ActionComedyFantasyHorrorPsychologicalSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
Child Protagonist Demons Depression Dreams Emotionally Weak Protagonist Exorcism Family Female Protagonist Ghosts Godly Powers Hiding True Abilities Modern Day Modern Time Multiple Realms Non-human Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Parasites Race Change Shapeshifters Spatial Manipulation Tentacles Transformation Ability World Hopping Youkai
Table of Contents 145
  1. Chapter 145Apr 19, 2024
  2. Chapter 144Apr 12, 2024
  3. Chapter 143Apr 5, 2024
  4. Chapter 142Mar 29, 2024
  5. Chapter 141Mar 22, 2024
  6. Chapter 140Mar 15, 2024
  7. Chapter 139Mar 8, 2024
  8. Chapter 138Mar 1, 2024
  9. Chapter 137Feb 23, 2024
  10. Chapter 136Feb 16, 2024
  11. Chapter 135Feb 9, 2024
  12. Chapter 134Feb 2, 2024
  13. Chapter 133Jan 26, 2024
  14. Chapter 132Jan 19, 2024
  15. Chapter 131Jan 12, 2024
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      Status: c67

      I don't often rate books, but when I do, they are either absolutely amazing, or so terrible that I needed somewhere to talk about how bad it is. That being said, the fact that I rated this five stars should tell you which of the two this book is. 

      TLDR: Book good, now go read it

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      23 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 39

      *possible spoilers

      *I haven't truly written any story reviews before so I'd take this with a grain of salt

      I mostly skimmed through the first chapter but after that the story is pretty enjoyable. The MC is Op but this is mediated by her lack of skill, knowledge, and combat. Other than the steady reveal of supernatural & cosmic knowledge the story is also driven by the MC's emotional bonds to her family & friends. That said, I can't wait to see what happens to her jar of evil as well as her lost limb.

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      14 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 105

       Clickbait title, not representative of true contents, and feels more like an attempt at a joke interpretation of Lovecraft's works.

       Writing is subpar: a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes, incorrect tenses, poorly structured dialong that boils down to characters just speaking words and you have to do the guessing work about their emotions and intentions. It's the most basic a written dialogue can get - a line of text in quotations. It's a poor choice for a novel which isn't just a draft for webtoon, like korean are. 

      Average. Annoying. The only words to constantly resurface while I was reading this story. 

       Average school slice of life comedy based on one of the most unsuitable for such genre things - Lovecraftian horrors. 

       The story is averagely set around a teen, in an average japanese school. But, oh so conveniently, it turns out her school is also riddled with paranormal, the moment she discovers it for herself. What a coincidence, who'd have thought. Never ever has it ever happened in poorly written japanese novels and mangas yet here we are again, with the same overused tropes. 

       The absolute inaptitude of protagonist to adapt even a bit also speaks volumes of this particular work's level of quality. When already barely clinging onto her sanity all she had to do to stabilize herself is to return home is illogical. And it never comes back around. While also keeping a mentality of a 10 yo, and feels like it only gets wose over time. And the only possible chance to at least gain some sort of adequacy after so many chapters is shoved in the furtherst corner of a drawer, just to be a convenient deus ex machina. While also still have MC blaming hers poorly adapting psyche as the reason, when it's literally a solution presenting itself on the platter. 

       Most side characters, while bland and extremely basic with only one defining personality trait at least do not panic over every word they say or hear, so they do not annoy, despite mentally being children (with exception of MC mother, who's more of a young adult with some concept of responsibility). I still find it baffling that characters that are capable of guiding protagonist through with her powers just leave it to a chance for everything to be destoyed, WHILE ALSO SAYING THEY DO NOT WANT HER TO DO IT ON ACCIDENT. 

       Logic in this story is even worse than japanese novels - as in, the more dumb ret*rded sh*t MC does the funnier it is. IT IS NOT. The pattern behind every joke is so blatantly obvious you see it coming miles away, and when it comes it's just frustratingly annoying, because it is exactly what it was presented as. Just as a little example, MC wants to lay low, so that's why when having an option of quietly phasing through the door into her locked room or teleporting there she chooses to open giant doors, while she was assigned a f**king babysitter. Who'd see it coming, that cover is blown afterwards, huh? Maybe an infant won't.

        Basically, this story has nothing to do with true eldritch horrors, and whenever it was throwing in such bits and pieces they were no more than a bait. It's a fairy tail of a child who cannot comprehend what she became, and doesn't even f**king try, instead loitering and fooling around. While her screw ups are supposed to be "funny" in author's opinion.

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      13 Likes · Like
      Status: Chapter 103
      Decent story but sometimes has a frustrating main character and pacing. Ended up not going in the story direction I was hoping for, and instead took a more comedy/supernatural/slice-of-life anime approach.
      The scope feels too limited. For a character that can create realities and travel to alien dimensions, its mostly been centered around her school life and internal isekai world. I don't think this would be a problem if the pacing of the story was faster. For a character that became a supposed immortal god, having only two weeks pass in story within 80 chapters feels slow. Since the time flow feels stifled, there isn't much of a possibility for the main character to grow and mature. The author mentioned something about world hopping before, which would be cool, but with the current story pace I don't see that happening anytime soon.

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      8 Likes · Like
      Status: Chapter 62

      It's a very unique premise. The author also really sells what a 14-year old child would probably reasonably do in these special set of circumstances. Although sometimes it gets inane and/or tropey, that's part of the charm of this book; nothing is supposed to be reasonable. Even then, most of the inanities are reasoned out eventually anyway.

      If you're put off by the bad grammar (the author does acknowledge that they are foreign), I have to admit that you can practically see it improving in real time--I'd say by around ch. 50 is when the writing stops showing major signs of "non-native speaker", so stick with it till the end I'd say, as the story that is being conveyed is well worth it.

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      6 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 33

      First few chapters was confusing but other than that, along with the other two books it's amazing!

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      6 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 19

      I really like the premise and idea of this book however one line managed to ruin it for me, Spoiler btw cos I have no idea how to do spoiler boxes. When the MC is talking with the demon girl about how she got into great situation, the demon girls says that she couldn’t have done it herself and that an elder God must have “allowed” it to happen or something. This makes the fact that she has been dream walking her entire life practically irrelevant to the plot because it reduces the achievement from finally achieving something in her dreams after not being able to sleep properly her entire life, to her just being given power by the whims of some greater power. It completely take away the value and feeling of the achievement from the MC and just mantra it feel like some cheap “it was asked planned” garbage. But I do like the idea of an eldrich god walking around modern day earth as a cute girl do that is why I gave the stars. Not for me tho sorry.

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 26

      Its great. The character is intelligent and nice. I love how this book defines the word eldritch: weird, twisted, mighty but not downright evil.

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 69

      Just found this story yesterday. I binge read the story in two days to catch up to where it is at this point (chapter 69.) It is such an interesting concept for a story, and the characters feel like unique people discussing things, unlike some stories where it feels as if one person is speaking for everyone. 

      The author’s grasp of the English language is not to the level of a native speaker and it clearly comes through in the writing. I am personally very picky about this sort of thing, but I found myself more or less able to ignore it and enjoy the story, and I really can’t exactly explain why. Maybe it’s the ideas being pursued, or the believable way everyone behaves. 

      If you find the idea of an average teenager in modern Japan suddenly becoming an Eldritch abomination outer god with all that entails interesting, give this a read. If I were her, I would be flying about the solar system, dancing in Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, traveling between realms and exploring the endless expanse of the multiverse. For whatever reason, our outer god protagonist has decided to attempt to continue regular school life and try her best to pretend nothing has changed. It’s actually quite amusing, and it’s quite engaging to the imagination.

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 124

      Personally the novel is great. The beginning personally is the best, as it details the consequences of someone becoming an eldritch being, without it being too much of a power fantasy.

      The second half however, is where the story kind of degrades into somewhat of a power fantasy 'comedy' driving away from the previous serious tone of the story. 

      I have a slight feeling that's only on the surface as the MC kind of provides that feeling of being dependant on friends/family to distract her from the self loathing and fear of herself. So it just feels like something could go wrong any time.

      Unfortunately the story kind of goes on hiatus so that we don't see any potential developments in that regard yet.

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      1 Likes · Like
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