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/ Series / Beast Lord in Demon slayer
Beast Lord in Demon slayer
Beast Lord in Demon slayer
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4.2 (23 ratings)
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After dying at the hands of people he was supposed to be loved by our MC finds himself a chance to be reborn in the Demon Slayer world. Now he must try his best to enjoy his life, discover the secrets of the world, protect his friends and try his best to defeat the isekaid Miachel Jackson's army of demons.


A/N: A bit AU.

Demon Slayer Sekiro
Adventurers Artifacts Based on an Anime Beast Companions Brotherhood Demi-Humans Harsh Training Mythology
Table of Contents 93
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Table of Contents
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    Summary: a guy with a sh*tty family gets reincarnatas the twin brother of inosuke. Join them and their animal companions to rid the world of those filthy demons!

    To put simply, I don't like the story. Sure its an op MC with way too many abilities but its a badly written op MC with too many abilities and thats my main issue. 

    The planning, organization, and pacing of the story is all over the place. Plus the numerous author's side comments really break your immersion. I just cant read it any further. 


    heres a list of all of MCs abilities/bonuses. This is all by the time you reach chapter 12 btw.

    -choosing the world they get reincarnated into

    -gets adopted by wolf family

    -has a "beast system" that helps him get stronger

    -has a inventory system

    -has wolf and dragon breathing. 2 separate breathing btw not a weird mass up of the 2 

    -has regeneration abilities 

    -has extra strength abilities 

    -extra stamina 

    -has sensitive senses

    -has horns for some reason

    -has heterochromatic eyes for some reason

    -gets a special wolf companion that is soul bound

    -easily kills their first demon, extremely cruelly and sadistically if I might add.

    -knows how to read and write with no explanation?!

    -tells his brother that hes reincarnated... like bruh why.


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