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/ Series / The Twists of Fate
The Twists of Fate
The Twists of Fate
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Having intentionally allowing the other party to end his life during a mission, Kirin now finds himself tied to a system in part-taking missions in various worlds in order to truly pass on. But he allowed himself take a bullet to the heart in hopes of moving on from his old life, after all, he was a 432 year-old man whose life was in the hands of another. In hopes of being freed from such chains, he only finds himself, once again, chained to a system to take on missions. He just wanted to move on!!

System: [Host don't worry. In these worlds, you will not be confined to me; I will only be assisting you on your missions. However...]

Kirin: "However?"

System: [If you fail to reach the minimum acceptable satisfaction points placed by higher authorities, you will be stuck in limbo, entering countless worlds for as long as it takes to satisfy them...]

Kirin: "..."

System: [...]

AdultBoys LoveFantasyMatureRomanceSmutSupernatural
Androgynous Characters Animal Characteristics Apocalypse Appearance Different from Actual Age Beastkin Black Belly Caring Protagonist Character Growth Child Abuse Childcare Couple Growth Doting Love Interests Futuristic Setting Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Jack of All Trades Love Interest Falls in Love First Mpreg Multiple POV Siblings Care Strong Love Interests System Administrator Transmigration Unconditional Love World Hopping
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      Status: author’s note
      Dec 27, 2019

      Really enjoying this novel so far. It’s a really interesting story. Hope Kirin is able to enjoy life with his potential lover. 

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c0
      Oct 4, 2019

      Really enjoying this! 

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: author note 2
      Jan 15, 2021

      ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND!!!! A breath of fresh air!

      It had a solid plot, wonderful execution, good pace and characters with depth. It's fluffy but also has its moments of angst - no worries though because the angst is captivating instead of making me feel like a masochist. 

      Even though it's BL, the bottom/MC is not passive! They are both men and it is shown clearly. There is nothing feminized about the MC, he is himself and his position while doing it doesn't dictate his personality.

      They have a healthy relationship and do not get together immediately! At least, not mindlessly in love. There are reasons and secrets behind somethings that are slowly being revealed as you read on.

      The side characters are also a joy! They add so much to the story and are not just there for the sake of it. Each of them have their own purpose even if it's to sell some meng.

      If you're looking for a very serious story, this isn't for you but it still recommend you try at least the first couple chapters of Arc 1.

      If you like to binge like me and are concerned for the hiatus, I don't regret it at all!! I usually like to wait until they are finished but it's a waste to pass up the opportunity to read this gem!!



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      0 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: author’s note
      Aug 30, 2020

      It's fast-paced and really interesting! I hope this story continues.

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