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/ Series / Idol Is The Strongest Job In This World!
Idol Is The Strongest Job In This World!
Idol Is The Strongest Job In This World!
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Our protagonist is a high school girl loner otaku.
"I really love idols! They shine so brightly when they perform!"
After attending her favourite group's concert, she decided to go back home.
However, just as she's crossing the road 3 meters away from her home she hears a sound from her right side.
She died, but apparently it was a mistake made by an annoying goddess! So when the goddess asked what she wanted for her next life as an apology. She said
"I want to be an Idol!"

This is the story of a girl named Hikari Yuki who was reincarnated in another world. She goes on an adventure to have fun and also make others smile in joy

Hikari Yuki
耀 幸
ひかり ゆき

Hikari 耀 (ひかり) = Shine
Yuki 幸 (ゆき) = Happiness

Twitter: @ghha33
I got permission to use their illustration!

Posted on:
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 19

    Great novel, expecting for more uploads.

    Read More

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