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Pieces of Sonder
Pieces of Sonder
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4.6 (21 ratings)
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Freya Evenkey is the shaman of Safka. Her mundane life includes helping townsfolk and exorcising demons. Until one day she almost loses her life during a routine house call. After picking up a mysterious item she discovers there is more to her world than she ever thought before!

Some call it a game, or is it a curse?
Release Schedule: every Monday and Friday at 9 pm ET
*Up to date chapters can be found on RoyalRoad or Webnovel, I have just started releasing chapters on Scribblehub. I will be releasing ~1 chapter a day here until it's caught up.
Author's Note: This is a litrpg story that focuses more on adventure than stats. No harem, no romance.

Special thanks to aphin123 for the awesome book cover!

©2020 MintyMintyMilkTea. All rights reserved. This story is also being published on Webnovel and RoyalRoad.
For more chapters check out my Patreon!

Alternate World Dungeons Female Protagonist Game Elements Level System MMORPG Secrets Spirits
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c40

    Quite a interesting slant on the Online Game trope.

    The main character is a NPC that has been awakened.

    While she lives in the game and can not leave, she has all the advantages of a player character. That said, since she did not go through the tutorial and has no experience in a role playing game, so she has to learn as she goes.

    Concept - Novel

    Plot - Very Good

    Characters - developed and full

    Writing Style - Very good and easily follow-able and readable.

    I wholly recommend it.

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