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Friendly Enemies
Friendly Enemies
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For thousands of years the kingdom of Alreim and the empire of Khraelia have been in a constant war, from skirmishes to large-scale battles, the two raging powers collide.

A warlord named Fendwyr Gustall from the empire of Khraelia Merited in battle, famed for his superiority in combat and sharp wits in tactics, a warlord famed for his overwhelming victories in spite of stacked odds.

But as time passes Fendwyr went missing without notice, in pursue of a peaceful life he resides on the steep and treacherous terrains of the Heimrich Volcanic Ranges, which houses the most fearsome beasts ever known and lava pits that if whoever falls will have a gruesome death, a place believed to be a place of a true warrior, for that mountain is impossible to trek.

He grew a family on that mountain and had a descendant, I Klayden son of Fendwyr will carry on his legacy.

ActionAdultAdventureEcchiFantasyHaremMartial ArtsMatureTragedy
Appearance Changes Army Assassins Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Charismatic Protagonist Charming Protagonist Empires European Ambience Famous Parents Handsome Male Lead Kingdoms Knights Nobles
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