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/ Series / Aiming To Be The Strongest Adventurer, But Where Did I Go Wrong?!
Aiming To Be The Strongest Adventurer, But Where Did I Go Wrong?!
Aiming To Be The Strongest Adventurer, But Where Did I Go Wrong?!
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The world of Apomunis where the tales of magics are no mere fiction and the presence of Gods are felt. Here exists Vedus, a continent where many beings of intelligence; children of the forest, the Elves, craftsmen of the mountain, the Dwarfs, hunters of the land, the Beastkins, dwellers of the sea, the Merfolks, and builders of nations, the Humans.

As time flows, a new existence came to light, the Demons. They abruptly appeared and began a conquest on the continent Vedus.

Met with the sudden aggression, the inhabitants of Vedus joined together and pushed back against the invaders. But to their dismay, the Demons possessed high aptitude in both strength and magic, and with vast numbers, the Demons had proven themselves far more superior than the former. Even so, the Demons did not have the capabilities to wage war on all fronts; hence, a stalemate was formed.

However so, the never-ending conflict had exhausted and crippled both sides' resources. Thus, a peace pact was made 5000 years ago.

For the next 1000 years, both enjoyed their respective peace, and thus ushering an era of prosperity where knowledge and culture was intertwined.

Then one day, the Demons all but vanished, just as sudden as they appeared.

Accelerated Growth Adopted Protagonist Adventurers Beastkin Beautiful Female Lead Demon Lord Dragons Dungeons Dwarfs Elves Game Elements Gods Guilds Hidden Abilities Level System Male Protagonist R-15 Samurai Seven Deadly Sins Summoned Hero Sword Wielder Weak to Strong
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