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Hyde, Worldwalker Reborn
Hyde, Worldwalker Reborn
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Hyde is a 17-year-old bad-ass with and attitude problem that met his end in a grisly back alley, but he transmigrated into another world upon his death.
Gripton, the Transmigration God, helps Hyde choose his magic but decides to stay and teach this boy some manners. Hyde gains a strong magical ability that could upend the world that Hyde was sent to save.
These unlikely pair will travel the world, taking the nations and their daughters by storm. In a world where everyone has a magic skill and the strong rule, what path will the so-called hero take?

Hyde is one of the five Harem Leaders in Reborn, a game world that has trapped players in an endless loop. The five leaders are fighting to reach the final Zodiac world to defeat Aegis and stop the Reset, and the unknown entity known as MainFrame. Hyde has complete the first 12 game worlds and had tried to enter this game world once before, but failed, leaving all of her harem members behind in this world. After fighting through the game worlds again with only the help of two other Harem Leaders Kiada, and Bhan, Hyde has reentered the Zodiac world, Leo, to find his girls and prevent the Game Master from destroying this world.

This is the first part of the Reborn collection, and reading it will held understand Harem Reborn, and The Blood Servant System a bit better. You do not have to read then in this order because the stories do line up, but the events in should have let me die start before Harem Reborn.

This book series is part of the Reborn Collection

cover is not my art


Hey Fans! I have started a another book to help you all keep track of the growing harem so check it out!

The Great Master Hydes Harem List

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Harem Reborn

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