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Harem Reborn
Harem Reborn
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On death, Dave has transported into a new world and finds out he has been playing a game. With only memories of his horrible past, Things look up when he notices a flashing icon in his sights.
Memories of his previous life are all he has to go on, but Destiny guides him to reconnect with strangers from past lives and start him on another journey to save more lost souls. Slowly the memories with each woman reconnect and help Dave get back the experiences he lost while forming new connections and relationships along the way.
Welcome to Reborn! A place of infinite lifetimes in worlds and planes thought only to be places drawn from imagination. Players that enter this world are children stricken with a particular terminal disease and given a chance to be reborn an infinite amount of times, participating in new challenges and systems every lifetime.
Join Dave, Lavender, Tilly, and all the rest on their adventure through worlds and as they meet new friends and experiences new systems!

This book series is part of the Reborn Collection

2nd series in the Reborn Collection

Added a fanfic harem list called, "Dave's Harem Reborn"

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