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/ Series / The Saint: Search for The Last Gatekeeper
The Saint: Search for The Last Gatekeeper
The Saint: Search for The Last Gatekeeper
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Book 1 in The Saint series.

General Brief Summary:

Monsters, spirits, and demons exist in a world unknown to the norm. However, there are those familiar with such deities and apparitions. While some may cower, others fight. And for the descendants of Cain, they must fight.

Some call it a curse, others, a blessing. Curse or blessing, the Cain family have no choice but to fight. It’s their God given fate.

In the world of the supernatural, the descendants of Cain stand between good and evil, fighting for all humanity. Gifted with powers and abilities, the family stands as protectors. It’s a thankless job, but Cains fight on, hoping one day the sin of their ancestor would be forgiven.

Book 1: Search for The Last Gatekeeper Summary:

Book 1 finds Caleb Cain stumbling upon a plot that could shake the very existence of mankind. The line between ally and foe blurred, Caleb finds himself alone in his self given task. The fate of a mysterious young woman lies in the palm of his hand, and with her the fate of Earth.

Will he be enough to defend her from the horde of demons that’s hunt her? Will he be able to fight those he thought to be his allies and family? With only his power to rely on, Caleb hopes that will be enough to save the world.

The Saint is part of a supernatural multiverse that I’ve created. Books on other aspects of the multiverse will follow in due time.

Hope you enjoy the story I have been working on my entire life.

Don’t forget to follow for updates!

Angels Demons Exorcism Fallen Angels Ghosts Heaven Hell Hunters Interdimensional Travel Magic Monsters Power Struggle Secret Organizations Soul Power Vampires Werebeasts
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