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Dungeon Item Shop
Dungeon Item Shop
77.2k Views 2018 Favorites 105 Chapters 8 Chapters/Week 541 Readers
4.4 (45 ratings)
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(I was reborn too sickly to be an adventurer, so I opened an item shop by the dungeon instead)

Reborn with a new name and body into a fantastical RPG world, a young girl is offered a second chance. Glad to have escaped her old existence she decides to become an adventurer but quickly realizes that the body she now inhabits is too frail and sickly to follow that dream. Needing a way to survive in this strange place, she takes on an entirely new challenge; running an item shop just outside of the dungeon!

(LitRPG) (Slow start)

Adventurers Dungeons Female Protagonist Magic Merchants Reincarnated into Another World Store Owner
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      New dragondeathlord
      Status: chapter 101: net worth

      Ok, I can not say enough good about this story Yes the MC is cursed and it makes her stupid! 

      But give it time and keep in mind there a reason she does stupid crap. The curse Gives her a starting intelligence of 3 and she basically got the mind of a retarded child but give it time. Her Real mind seems to shine through and I am hoping that her mind will get healed in time. You will Love it! This story's Original twists!

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      New Vashu269
      Status: c55

      MC is just dumb, ridiculously dumb, even someone tell her for her betterment she won't understand or maybe she does but she can't control herself, she does so many things that can get her killed and the only reason she is alive is because of plot Armor.

      MC is kind, this is the only thing that is positive about her.

      If you can't handle dumb MC, I recommend you to skip this one, though this is my personal opinion and maybe biased so you can check out yourself.

      I wanted to give less stars but writing story is hard, they have to be creative and persistence to keep on writing, so extra marks for hardwork.

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      Status: chapter 94: dungeon toy shop

      I absolutely love your works, the characters are soo good that they seem real and the MC is soo Colurfull... The way to make the story is soo awesome that I could read a 10000 chapter story in a day, becouse I could not stop myself from reading a chapter after the other, not eventi for blibking. ?

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      Status: chapter 50

      An excellent story. It reads like a cross between one of those anime about moe girls doing cute/fun things with friends, a typical isekai (but one of the crunchy more grounded ones that are supposed to be set in a proper fantasy parallel world rather than someone's fantasy-themed wish fulfilment backdrop), and a fairy tale, but like an old school grim, grimm, fairy tale where its less about lessons being taught and happily ever afters and its more about weird whimsical/magical/messed up stuff happening to people. The story is well written. The characters, like them or hate them, are largely well realized (at least to a level appropriate for the plot). 

      This was one of those stories that I didn't particularly enjoy but read anyway because it was of a high enough standard, was well put together, and despite any complaints I might have had about the story, the plot was interesting enough to keep my attenton. 

      That being said this story is very much its own thing, and while it uses familiar instruments and plays familiar notes, the song it plays is quite original. There was something very dreamlike about this story and maybe there were times where things were few notes too dreary at times. Also while I eventually got the gist that the MC was being impaired in a certain way, it was sometimes hard to tell when her poor judgement was based on that impairment and when it was just her being "her". Like all stories the experience will be very YMMV. 

      The story is slow paced but you still get a feeling of progress from the small achievements. The story is never all rainbows and puppy dogs but at the point I stopped reading the author still kept up an atmosphere of whimsy and wonder that kept the fun alive, and mercifully only used the threat of bad things happening to keep the tension alive, rather than driving this story right into the dismal lake of misery porn. 

      Overall this is a terrific book, for what it is. It wasn't exactly to my tastes but that's lofe. People have different tastes. Far be it for me to show up to cake shop a complaining about how terrible the steak is.  I wholeheartedly recommend this story.

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      0 Likes · Like
      Status: c63

      I never write reviews so this isn't going to be one super detailed in why I love this novel, but I just love the characters. It's nice to see the struggles Fresh goes through and her development and how she remains so positive, I don't think I could do that in her position. Also Jubilee is harsh but I would like to think that Fresh is exactly what they/them needed in their life and is slowly being swayed by Fresh's sunny personality. Sorry if this review doesn't actually help but I just wanted to say you are doing an amazing job.

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      Status: chapter 56: another day, another obol

      I'm no expert, but I can say that without a doubt that this is an enjoyable read! Perhaps the MC is a bit dumb, and sure she makes incredibly stupid mistakes sometimes (well, practically all the time for the first chapters...) I can't say that I won't make similar mistakes when I'm put in her position. Plus, she's cute, a genuinely nice person, and she's trying! Which is more than I can say about me...

      Anyway! The author clearly puts a lot of effort into making the story and math required to be consistent, not to mention researching mythology, folklore and the like, whether or not it's actually for the story or not, I can't tell, but you can rest assured they know what they're doing.

      There's only around 50 chapters at the moment I'm writing this, so I can't say much about the characters besides the protagonists, but they're likeable enough... Especially considering I can count those who have an actual name with a single hand...

      Long story short, give the book a try!

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