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A man has been reborn into a land of magic that is rife with strife, death, and war. Perhaps he can shift the world into a new age with his newfound powers.

This is the first draft of a project that I update daily. I usually post first on my Patreon though.

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyHaremIsekaiMatureRomanceSlice of Life
Adopted Children Adventurers Animal Characteristics Army Building Artifacts Beastkin Bodyguards Caring Protagonist Clan Building Confident Protagonist Cute Children Dark Death Empires
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      New Poison_Ice_Blade
      Status: c9
      Apr 10, 2021

      Ok I have very mixed feelings about this story.

      My child self absolutely loves the concept. 5/5 fanasty world! Magic! Beastmen! Friends have a leviathan! Fricking Phoenix powers! Helping levi kind reproduce? (Thats really sweet.) with some hints of kingdom building and political negotiation in the future. I love that stuff! (Edit: we can cross out the political aspect, MC would be absolutely trash at leading or negotiations with that terrible personality. And considering the story is called beast king, I would just be torturing myself if I read anymore)

      Problem is my adult self absolutely hates it! Completely undeserved powers! MC instantly makes friends with leviathan with no proper explanation as to why. Why was levi just there? Why would levi approach a random human? What made levi trust this particular human without any ability to see their true self without making contact with his core? Its makes no sense. Another big issue is the MC's casual acceptance of racism. 


      You the MC kills a bunch of beast-men traffickers with no hesitation. No thoughts of any left behind family. No thoughts of changing their minds. MC was like "oh people hurt beastmen, u ded now. Ha ha slice." Despite MC having an entire life on earth he is just ok with murdering people causing humans and beastman relations to worsen. And when confronted on the issue "eww im not making making friends with a nasty human" MC is like "good thing im not one of those guys! Humans, am I right?!" Ya know instead of the proper response of "ya know not all humans are bad! I can show you. [Insert explanation why you murdered humans here] " Which would then set up for a future of humans and beastmen improved relationship because of that one human saving them. This murder and conversation just sets up all sorts of bad vibes for the MC


      Clearly this MC has already decided all humans are evil and just deserve instant death. I wouldn't normally have an issue with that but its like the author doesn't realize how messed up that is. The story isnt self aware of that and it just rubs me the wrong way. 

      This story is definitely ment for a younger audience who wouldn't overthink things like morals or future consequences of actions. I sure they would enjoy this story more than I would.

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