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Drunks & Fanatics
Drunks & Fanatics
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Tessa Vivuk, a young cleric of Aeon, dreams of becoming a Hero. However, things quickly go awry and she ends up an Adventurer instead. Refusing to give up on her dream, she continues blindly pursuing it. But some tricksters see an opportunity for mischief through her, and plan to blow every expectation she has about the world to smithereens, both figuratively and literally!

(Updates Weekly)

Dragons Elves Fantasy World Female Protagonist Gods Hard-Working Protagonist Magic Naive Protagonist Timid Protagonist Weak Protagonist Witches Wizards
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      Status: ch7
      Mar 19, 2021

      shock Did I just give a seamlessly not so shameless 5 star that equals great writing quality, story development, character design, update stability, AND world background. Well surely I did this with a noble attitude not some Black bellied shameless attitude. Heavens no That would be below me the Skills Master. Now you go on with your blessed 3 months I have given you though in return you give me something of the same worth alright. That's how a give and take works right?

      Psst I left a little something extra to show good relations and will. It should be where you keep your most loved items. You'll find out what it is shortly.

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