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Drunks & Fanatics
Drunks & Fanatics
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Tessa Vivuk, a young cleric of Aeon, dreams of becoming a Hero. However, things quickly go awry and she ends up an Adventurer instead. Refusing to give up on her dream, she continues blindly pursuing it. But some tricksters see an opportunity for mischief through her, and plan to blow every expectation she has about the world to smithereens, both figuratively and literally!

(Updates Weekly)

Adventurers Alternate World Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Crafting Cruel Characters Dragons Dwarfs Elemental Magic Elves Evil Gods Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Goddesses Gods Gore Hard-Working Protagonist Heroes Magic Naive Protagonist Sadistic Characters Timid Protagonist Weak Protagonist Wizards
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      Status: ch7

      shock Did I just give a seamlessly not so shameless 5 star that equals great writing quality, story development, character design, update stability, AND world background. Well surely I did this with a noble attitude not some Black bellied shameless attitude. Heavens no That would be below me the Skills Master. Now you go on with your blessed 3 months I have given you though in return you give me something of the same worth alright. That's how a give and take works right?

      Psst I left a little something extra to show good relations and will. It should be where you keep your most loved items. You'll find out what it is shortly.

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      I'd give this one star if the prose wasn't as good as it is, as the prose is the only positive thing I think of this story.
      First of all, calling this story a comedy is disingenuos on the author's part.  I don't think I even smiled once while reading, let alone found anything funny. There is so much murder, brutality, and treachery in this story.  The two "tricksters" are anything but; they are selfish, cruel, murderous, and insane. 
      The dwarf mentor is supposed to be this insane, brilliant, and practical to the extreme type, which works up untill the point where he steals everything including the clothes of the back of the people he "saves." 
      The elf mentor is sadistic, literally torturing the people he fights, and is a womanizer whose realtionships with women seem to be based on f**king the woman in question, which I can only assume he uses charm magic to achieve, given the amount of women who are either married or know of his horrible reputation who sleep with him, therefore making him a rapist too.  Oh and the situation in which they "save" the MC is a direct result of his actions, as it is a trap meant to catch him, because he f**ked a bunch of dudes wives.  Not that he acknoledges any fault or suffers any concequences for it; in fact, he considers it a reward. 
      And then there's the MC.  While it has been implied that the society she has grown up in has told her to treat some falsehoods as facts ("indoctrination" is mentioned by the elf), to the advantage of those in power, it doesn't excuse her stupidity and helplessness and extreme naivety.  And around c22 she starts to have these weird, completely irrational thought proccesses about what is okay for her to do morally, including somehow coming to the conclusion that running away from the two people who don't care about her and are literally evil is bad for them (but was okay for her to do!), despite the fact that she was contributing very little to the fight and needed to be protected.  There is more that could be said, but I don't want to continue.
      Prose is good, everything else isn't. 

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      Status: chapter 3

      We begin the story in medias res during a wyvern attack. Sairren does a great job of showing the dangers these people live in. Chapter 1 is fast-paced and wastes no time setting up Tessa's motivation to become a hero.

      Loved the 3rd person omniscient narrative style in the beginning. Sairren shows off its versatility in chapter 1, allowing us to follow multiple characters as they deal with the wyvern attack. However, it switches to 3rd person limited in the later chapters so if omniscient isn't your thing, Drunks & Fanatics will still appeal to you.

      Chapter 2 is pretty heavy on the exposition, which made it harder to get through than chapter 1. The story would benefit from weaving that information into the narrative more naturally or moving sections to later in the story. However, the pace picks up in chapter 3 as Tessa takes her first steps on the journey towards becoming a hero.

      The prose could be tightened in some places, and sections of dialogue/ conversation could benefit from being condensed to make their conversations more concise. But overall, the prose is delightfully straightforward and takes a backseat, allowing you to focus on the characters and plot. 

      Overall, this story is worth reading if you're a fan of the hero/ adventurer subgenres.

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