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/ Series / The Person Who was Out of My Reach Kidnapped Me
The Person Who was Out of My Reach Kidnapped Me
The Person Who was Out of My Reach Kidnapped Me
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4.7 (23 ratings)
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When I woke up, I was in some unknown dark room. Tied up in a chair, with my mouth wrap with some sort of clothe.

Thinking of what is happening currently, the door opened. A person came in...she...she was the person whom I yearned for!?

[Ahhh♡, Ken♡...I finally have you♡♡!]

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ComedyRomanceSchool LifeSeinen
Aggressive Characters Average-looking Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Clingy Lover Confinement Doting Love Interests Forced into a Relationship Male Protagonist Obsessive Love Possessive Characters Yandere
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    Status: story

    The author has great concepts and writes them in a expert way.

    What made the biggest impression was the start of the series.

    Which gave more questions than answers.

    The development of the crafted  in way that you want to find what what is going to happen next.

    But there are plot holes like how did she manage to kidnap him and when did she became affectionate towards him.

    So some will point the plot holes out.

    But this story is for yandere light novel lovers with patience for side stories to fill what  sounds like missing answers within the story.  

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