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Swords of Selene
Swords of Selene
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Emma Farrier is a fairly normal grad student, until she is struck by lightning and wakes up in the alternate world of Selene. Selene is a land of steam engines and carriages, of lords and beggars, of gear-wheels and rifle-smoke... as well as a land inhabited entirely by women. This wouldn't be a problem, except that before being transported here, Emma was a man! Now, having been taken in by a noble family with a dark past, she must learn to survive this vicious new world. Worse still, she is on a collision course with powerful forces who seek to rule this planet, as well as coming to face the reason why she is on Selene in the first place...

ActionAdventureGender BenderIsekaiMatureSci-fi
Alternate World Awkward Protagonist Caring Protagonist Comedic Undertone Cowardly Protagonist Empires Fast Learner Female Protagonist Helpful Protagonist Interdimensional Travel Male to Female Nudity Proactive Protagonist Programmer Sword Wielder Tomboyish Female Lead Transgender Transported into Another World Weak to Strong
  1. NemesisJul 11, 2019
  2. ExposedJun 28, 2019
  3. The ArchopolidMay 30, 2019
  4. The BallMay 23, 2019
  5. Corsetry and CongressMay 17, 2019
  6. HalflanceMay 14, 2019
  7. A Bolt in the GrayMay 13, 2019
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      New MissHelsing
      Status: c5
      Jun 28, 2019

      Good! Really interesting, and the world-building is pretty classic fantasy, it's homey and nice

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