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/ Series / The Flower Under Heaven Blooms with Love
The Flower Under Heaven Blooms with Love
The Flower Under Heaven Blooms with Love
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Lian Hua wakes up one day in a different body and in a different world. After a night of drinking with friends, he did not expect to transmigrate. He discovers that the world he is in now is just the same as the recent novel that he just finished.

It is a dog blood novel!

He is now a cannon fodder. He transmigrated into the body of a lackey whom the author did not even bother to name. He is now student lackey B.

He now has to live a life that avoids his new body’s future misfortunes. His goal is to finally be a named character in the book. He only needed to hug the protagonist’s thigh to get recognition.

Armed with the knowledge from the novel that he had, Lian Hua will do everything he can to tightly hug the male lead’s golden thigh.

[PAchan: This work exists because I needed to practice my writing again. It will be mostly fluff.]

Tags: Danmei / transmigration / fluff

This novel is brought to you by PAchan from,

Boys LoveIsekaiRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
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