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/ Series / Sect Leader Doesn’t Believe in Cultivation!
Sect Leader Doesn’t Believe in Cultivation!
Sect Leader Doesn’t Believe in Cultivation!
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      New Jemini
      Status: 1 new disciples
      May 14, 2019

      The concept is interesting, and it is decently implemented. I definitely give it points for that. Normally I have an active disgust over stories in which there is a dense protagonist, but in this case it is such that the story literally would not work without it and that allows me to just about completely forgive the tired trope.

      The writing itself could use a little bit of work. There are several places where there are typos and misspellings or cases of a scene that could definitely be done better if the author would put a little bit more into the descriptive detail.

      The first few chapters definitely violate the show, don't tell, rule. However, it does get better later. Overall, it is a case where the writing quality is imperfect but I am willing to forgive that and give it a lot of room for how well it implements such a strange and interesting concept.

      (And I will freaking laugh my ass off if it turns out in the end that the protagonist was right all along.)

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