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/ Series / The Harbinger of Death
The Harbinger of Death
The Harbinger of Death
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“Who are you?”
“Am I evil?”
“Death is only the beginning...”
Reaper was born with Affinity to Death energy. He's a strong candidate to become a Death Mage. To his family, he's a deadly weapon, the harbinger of Death. To others, he's an evil that shouldn't exist. But Reaper himself doesn't understand who and what he is.
To find his identity, Reaper has to dive deep into the Death arts without losing his heart. From one side, an ancient call is rooted in his soul, on the other side, the girl who accepts him. To understand what's inside he'll have to look everywhere.
This is a grimdark romance novel...
What should you expect:
- Magic – Even the most ordinary parts of life can become fantastic when magic is involved.
- Soft romance – Everyone has a soft spot, Reaper's is Alice. Because all dark lords need to love.
- Epic battles and War – It wouldn’t be a decent fantasy novel without some battles and war, would it?
This is a spin-off novel of AK – The Alchemy Kingdom. You don't have to read the other novel to understand or follow this one. It might offer some additional information and entertainment, tough.
You can also check my other spin-off novel, Queen Merchant, which will be more trading-fantasy focused. Even if you are not a fan of the genre, give it a chance. The novel will explore more of the World’s scenery and can give you a broad view of the setting…
New chapters three times a week. I hope you enjoy it!

Dark Death Elemental Magic Fantasy World Magic Multiple Protagonists Necromancer Subtle Romance
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