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Empty World
Empty World
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Title: Empty World
Author: 1nfinity
The world known as Erlias, where no human being know about, the place where Mages wander, where swordmans and outcasts try to fit in. There are so many stories and events occured in here, but there are some memorable stories that mages can never forget. And that story begins with average student named Aono Junpei. Or so he thought. His life went upside down when he coincidently encountered two mages, who has landed on Earth world in the middle of the street at night. The mages are from guild called "Empty World" one of the guild in Erlias. On the other side, there is a mage, but has slightly different aura than the two. This mage is called Hellbeast, Hellbeasts are basically the same race, but just because they have different color blood and slightly different aura, Hellbeasts and Mages were enemies. Unfortunately, Aono Junpei was killed by Hellbeast that day, however, nect day, he didn't die nor had any wounds from yesterday. Then there was a Hell beast and Junpei. And ever since then, more Hellbeasts started to appear before Junpei. However, while encountering Hellbeasts, Junpei started to feel tingling and something running through his body and notice electricity is surrounding one of Junpei's arm. Does this make Junpei a mage? Why are Hellbeasts and mages in Earth world? and how will they resolve the problem between the two? And finally will Junpei find out what his identity is?

Fantasy World Magic
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