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/ Series / I Got Reincarnated As My Own Long Lost Sister But I’m Actually Ok With This?
I Got Reincarnated As My Own Long Lost Sister But I’m Actually Ok With This?
I Got Reincarnated As My Own Long Lost Sister But I’m Actually Ok With This?
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Isekaied. Reincarnated. Or just plain cursed. Whenever me and my best friend started daydreaming about this stuff it always had the same ending: "Oh no, I somehow got turned into a girl!" Except I always knew that sort of thing didn't really happen. That is, until the day it actually happened to me!

And you know, in retrospect there were a lot of questions I should have asked when that mysterious lady offered to bring me back to life if I promised to help her out with some stuff? But in my defence, it was my first time being dead and I was a little uptight about it.

This is the first installment of our 'Mara-verse' series.

DramaGender BenderSlice of LifeSupernatural
Contracts Death Demons Dense Protagonist Female Protagonist Friendship Girl's Love Subplot Magic Male to Female Modern Fantasy Reincarnation Secrets Sharing A Body Transgender
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      Status: 12. thoughtful

      I love this story a lot! It is big on fluffiness, features good parenting, wonderful friendship a bit of drama too and a few blushy scenes to round it off.

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