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/ Series / The True Nature of Wrath
The True Nature of Wrath
The True Nature of Wrath
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A man with unstable emotions, betrayed, after dying and becoming just a soul, he surpasses the limit of how much hate a human being could have...
After an unknown period, he is reborn into what should go on with a normal reincarnation, but for some reason, he can remember everything
Now, he refuses to let his past life's regrets vanish, he does everything to get revenge for those responsible for his suffering.
(English is not my native language, but I'll do my best for this to be minimally readable)
(only writing for fun, I can stop at any moment and I'll not have a schedule)

Accelerated Growth Antihero Protagonist Betrayal Demi-Humans Dragons Dungeons Dwarfs Elemental Magic Evil Protagonist Evolution Fantasy World Game Elements Gods Hunters Level System Loner Protagonist Monsters Non-human Protagonist Reincarnated as a Monster Revenge Seven Deadly Sins Seven Virtues Special Abilities Weak to Strong Werebeasts
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