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Providence of Wisdom
Providence of Wisdom
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Two people. Both have almost nothing in common.

An aspiring adventurer who has recently been promoted to a B rank. One who can't ever seem to get a female receptionist to turn in his quests. His dreams of being an S rank is still far away.

A wandering swordswoman that carries more secrets than she lets on. Accompanied by sentient weapons who sometimes(always) give her troubles.

But when the great adventurer city of A'bell is attacked by monsters, their fates intertwined as they are forced to act to protect the lives of others. They will soon learn that the event is just the beginning of a larger more sinister event...

Follow them on their separate travels across a fantasy world as they encounter Elves, Catgirls, Demons, Machines, and Godlike beings that just simply do whatever they want and many more.

This is an anime-inspired story. I won't go as far as to put in 'Chan' or 'Sama' in it but it does contain a few anime tropes here and there.
So beware if this isn't your cup of tea.
Also, please review and leave feedback so that I may improve.
Schedule: 2 Chapters every fortnight

Edit: Added illustration for Chapter 3-2, for those that miss it, please check out covers and illustration! I really wanted to make this come with the chapter but alas things happened.

Character Growth Demi-Humans Fantasy World Female Protagonist Guilds Hiding True Abilities Magic Magic Formations Male Protagonist Monsters Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Protagonist Strong from the Start Quirky Characters Secretive Protagonist Sentient Objects Sword And Magic Unique Weapon User Unique Weapons
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