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/ Series / The Great Core’s Paradox (Monster MC LitRPG)
The Great Core’s Paradox (Monster MC LitRPG)
The Great Core’s Paradox (Monster MC LitRPG)
260.3k Views 10470 Favorites 154 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1545 Readers
4.8 (114 ratings)
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Total Views (All): 260,308
Total Views (Chapters): 218,601
Average Views:1,419
Word Count:232,544
Average Words:1,510
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    Status: chapter 100

    So I really didn't expect much from this. Thought it would be interesting at best

    Was not expecting the author to try to take me on an emotional Rollercoaster 

    Has been a helluva read

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 90: save us, find us

    If you're stuck like me, looking for a new novel to read, I recommend the story below.

    On the one hand, it has a bit of "delve into the dungeon and kill the monsters" story going.  On the other hand, the main character is a snake generated by a monster core who is trying to survive.

    The little snake is not someone who has been reincarnated or transmigrated... instead, it is a dungeon monster who has a very interesting perspective on all those people and creatures who do NOT have a relationship with a dungeon core.

    The story was on hiatus for a while, but the author has picked it up again.  The latest chapters are even better than what has come before, and I look forward to more. 

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    Status: c0

    Good ?

    Are you sure?

    Nope, to be honest it was amazing so far even you the author make it progressing as slow as snail I could still enjoy it!

    But you suddenly turn away "the wild life and survival for the fittest" and makes it touch in contact with human.

    Dude, I really hate this kind of story which the MC nothing but a monster but wanted to human again/ which the MC nothing but a monster but just wanted being dragged along the way and being like a second rich generation only reaping all the f*cking way.

    What you create was a new too but a mess a the same time, monster is monster why would you guys authors create a b*llsh*t about monster and human? Monster was born to be disaster, destroying and devouring everything they could see. 

    What a bunch of rubbish!

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 135: spore puppeteer

    Simply amazing. I waited until I caught up with the last chapter. Usually, I review at chapter 10, but this story gripped me and wouldn't let me go. Ok, here is the review:

    Style: The chapters are just the right length. The sentences flow freely and the paragraphs are the perfect length.

    Grammar: Nothing that I could see as far as mistakes go. Great job.

    Story: Hands down the most gripping tale of a monster MC I have ever read. Paradox went a long way from being a scared snake in chapter one to the little guardian of chapter 135. He uses the skills of the bad things around him and now he even chooses to pass some of them over. That shows he is capable of foresight. I don't want to spoil too much but Paradox's Coreless grew with him.

    I especially like Valera's development. I feel like she is the most fleshed-out of the bunch. The female lead, so to speak.

    Character: Valera is my favorite character. Female leads are usually done poorly because they are written as if they are not human. But rather some weak things that need their hands held. But from the compassion of the characters to their willingness to get the job done, one can see the strength of their character.

    Overall: I will keep reading this until the end.

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    Status: c0

    Good very good I changed my mind

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    0 Likes · Like
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