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/ Series / The Programmer’s Dungeon
The Programmer’s Dungeon
The Programmer’s Dungeon
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Vincent, a college student from Earth, has been transported to another world filled with strange powers and fantastic monsters. Ideally, this would be the start of his journey to become a legendary hero, build an everlasting empire, and gather a personal harem.
Unfortunately, Vincent is just a programming student with no mystical advantages, special abilities, or cheats. All he has is what's in his head and what he was carrying when he arrived.
No one said this new world would be easy . . .
“Who needs a cheat?! As a modern man and a programmer, I’ll find a way.” What he was about to say, but endless trouble would force him into becoming a Dungeon Master of a certain new dungeon.
“Fuck it! I’ll conquer the world, uncover the secrets of this world, and ultimately find my way back home!”
“Yes, Master. Your will is our command. We will initiate the world domination phase.”
“W-Wait— I didn’t mean it literally!”
What brought him to this world? What secret does this world possess? Follow Vincent’s journey as he uncovers all these secrets! And… conquer the world, perhaps?
A new chapter will be released every three days.
The cover was made by Jack0fheart, so a shout out for him.
For faster release, please come to Royal Road, link below:

Beastkin Brainwashing Calm Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Demi-Humans Dungeon Master Dungeons Elemental Magic Fantasy World Game Elements Golems Hiding True Identity Kingdom Building Kingdoms Lost Civilizations Loyal Subordinates Master-Servant Relationship Monsters Multiple POV Nobles Programmer Slow Romance Sword And Magic Transported into Another World Weak to Strong
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