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/ Series / GOJO: A Sorcerer in the Soul Society
GOJO: A Sorcerer in the Soul Society
GOJO: A Sorcerer in the Soul Society
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4.7 (180 ratings)
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Short version: Gojo dies and gets bleached.
Serious version: After an epic fight against Sukuna at full power. Gojo sacrifices himself to protect his students, Yuji and Megumi.
What he didn't expect was that he would wake up in the afterlife.

NB: This is set 55 years before the start of canon. For the fan of Bleach, 110 BC, 55 BC, and 20 BC are very important milestones. I choose 55 because it would help me make an interesting story.

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Join my Patreon You can get up to 57 advanced chapters, 19 of SHK and 19 of Gojo and 19 of Lustful Paradise. 

Tier 1: 4+4 chapters of Gojo and LP

Bronze :4+4 chapters of SHK+LP

Tier 2: 12+12 chapters GOJO+LP

Silver: 12+12 chapters SHK+LP

Tier 3: 14+14 chapters GOJO+LP

Gold 14+14 chapters of SHK+LP

Legend: 17 chapters of SHK, 17 of Gojo and 17 chapters of LP+ illustrations of SHK 

Overlord: 19 of SHK, 19 of Gojo, and 19 chapters of LP+ illustrations. Can also ask or vote for special chapters once each month. 

Supreme: Same benefits as overlord+ right to ask for the creation of an OC(Name/Gender /Race/Power) that will be added to the story.

Disclaimer: Neither the cover nor bleach and Jujutsu belong to me.

ActionAdultComedyFanfictionHaremSlice of LifeSmutSupernatural
Bleach Jujutsu Kaisen
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    Status: ch 42: ikkaku vs gojo (3)

    I would give the story 4.5 but there's no such a thing so I will instead round it up into a five.

    The story so far doesn't have any glaring grammatical mistakes that would make reading it hard or painful. Plus.

    The setting is a big while before the canon of the series so we will hopefully derail it enough that the story is new and exciting, so far it's great. Plus.

    The author has so far stuck into the canon mindset of characters making them feel like their original counterparts instead of cheap OCs disguised as such. Plus.

    So far so good. Now onto small negatives.

    While the story is great, I feel like there is little worldbuilding, whether the setting itself or descriptions of things around the main character.  Hopefully, that will change but it is still a great read as is.

    The only thing that I can see in the future that might lower this review is how the author will handle Gojo as he becomes truly overpowered. Writing such characters is infinitely harder than creating an underdog that climbs the power staircase or tries to handle their powers.

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: ch 80

    It’s kinda unique and refreshing. I love it, and I know there are more chapters on webnovel but everytime I go to webnovel I feel like I lose brain cells.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: ch: 77

    This fanfic follows Gojo who's soul went to Bleach world after he died. He lost (can't use) his abilities except his eyes, therefore to find away to regain his power, he decides to become a shinigami. The story was written well, and characters likewise. Maybe due to Bleach story arcs being complicated, it is likely dropped/halted. Still it's worth reading and prob top 3 in the whole Bleach world fanfic.

    Ps: my fav part is he bangs a few girls just as he entered the shinigami academy and adds them as only 's*xfriend'XD (lol)

    no harem, no romance, only 's*xfriend'

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: ch 163: dangerous night

    It's pretty good so far I'd say. A solid read with Gojo of course as an awesome MC. He's in Bleach, one of my favorite animes, so I'd say that's awesome. Most Side Characters aren't left out much and have quite a bit of detail in them. The setting and surroundings AKA / World Building is good, not a Bob Ross with words, but good. Has a readable syntax with good line spacing for an easier read, though there are a few mistakes here and there, negligible and even funny. (Rating - Down Below)

    Main Character: 5/5

    Side Characters: 4.7/5

    World Building: 4.8/5

    Syntax-Punctuation: 4.7/5

    Overall Rating: 4.8/5

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: ch 160: should we take her...

    A good read. Just give it a try and you'll see.

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