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From Another World
From Another World
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Mikage Kamishiro, a former delinquent and now an avid video game fan, got involved in an accident one rainy night.
Good news: He woke up safe and sound in a hospital.
Bad news: Said hospital was found in another world.
This is his story as he tries to live as a person from another world.
(Cover art by Ame-senpai! Check her out if you have the time!)

Hololive Holostars
Demi-Humans Detectives Knights Magic Modern Fantasy
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      Status: chapter 7

      This story is great. I liked how it's not only Hololive but also Holostars. Even the dissolved CN branch is part of this story and I was happy seeing the girls again even in this fanfiction. Thank you for writing this fic.

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