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Waking up adrift in an ancient battleground, Alex is left dazed and confused with no clue how she ended up trapped aboard a failing vessel. With only a mysterious voice in her head to guide her she must act in order to survive.

Every piece of the puzzle she collects only leads to more questions about her origins and why she is trapped around a seemingly deserted star.

All she knows for sure is that she could die at any minute.

But she is not going to go down without a fight.

Follow Alex on her adventure as she upgrades her ship, forges new friendships, encounters new enemies, and does her best to balance her humanity with her growing abilities.

In space, isolation is a slow killer. Company quickens the pace


Regular schedule: Every other day.

What to expect: an action-packed *soft* sci-fi ship girl space opera that’s perfect for readers who love survival, military sci-fi and a sprinkling of progression / gamelit with stakes that grow with our protagonist.


Spoilers possible in the Book 2 and 3 synopsis below.


Book Two:

Escaping from an angry drone graveyard with the help and sacrifice of one of her own kind. Alex finds herself in a fringe system populated by mankind, a species that would fear and hate her if they knew the truth.

Still, she can't wait to see the new sights and make more friends! She just has to be a little subtle about it... And maybe trade in some anti-matter nuclear warheads while avoiding genocide on a planetary scale.

War is good for Business. Business depends on Diplomacy. Diplomacy warrants... Cakes and Kebab?


Book Three:

Ship? Destroyed. Core? Inactive. Friends and family? Unavailable. Alex faces the consequences of her choices on a ship full of strangers. Forced to confront a civilization built on the regulation of her kind, she's forced to learn and adapt to situations she never imagined. Some see her as the key to breaking a stalemate of a decades old cold war, others as a threat that will ignite the fires of war once more.

But all Alex wants is her sister and NAI back.

Meanwhile Starlight Revolution must manage the aftermath as best they can to rebuild, repurposing available resources while reaffirming their status as an budding system power fit to endure both military and corporate interests. And hopefully keep their status as possessors and producers of regulated, mostly illegal technologies from getting too many people killed or worse... 

Hope and trust. The foundation of all enterprise. No more daunting a task than to rise again, foundation cracked.

Copyright © 2023 by Erios909

Academy Arms Dealers Army Building Artificial Intelligence Cyberpunk Engineer Female Protagonist Fleet Battles Futuristic Setting Industrialization Mercenaries Military Outer Space Strategic Battles Technological Gap Wars
Table of Contents 119
Reviews 8
Table of Contents
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    Status: a1 – chapter 2 – ad hoc nightmare

    Very early for a Review but this is a GEM! And not a Gem in the Rough in any way! Combines multiple Real world fears of A.I. And Dungeon cores in a Break neck Sifi ! 


    Imagine Dying as Kamikaze Pilot to stop a Super A.I. Space ship Consuming Everything!  Only to Wake UP AS THE ENERMY and not yet know it! ! !&Nbsp;. 


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    10 Likes · Like
    Status: a2 – chapter 26

    As of arc 2, chapter 26. I can say this is a beautifully written story. The characters are fleshed out, there is lore behind the settings and interactions between people that show emotion. The story is an awesome, featuring lasers, death, cool space sh*t and ships that will blow you away, plus cool maps and pictures. Grammatically it is near perfect (nothing is perfect), there are no holes in the plot... so far, and the author knows hoe to captivate an audience. All in all. 5 out of 5. No s*xual content yet...I hope the author keeps that to a minimum cause it can often overshadow the plot. Minimal language and minimal gore.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: a2 - chapter 30

    It reads smoothly, but it has depth and hints at potentially so much more.
    This story strikes a sort of balance between suspense and progress, detail and introspection, then emotion and levity which just kept me turning pages until there were no more.

    As of now, the world feels much larger than the information presently available, and is intriguing right from the first few chapters. The AI artwork included also enhances the experience and provides appealing visualization for the main cast of characters. Overall, it scratches an itch for exactly this type of Shipcore subgenre I didn't know how badly I was wanting.

    Suffice it to say, I read it all in one go and was left eagerly awaiting more.
    That's nearly as successful and enjoyable as it gets for me.
    Give it a read and see what more will come.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: a2 – chapter 65 – before the storm

    I had to write a review now just because of one thing we recently got: The homage to the Culture series (ship names for the corporate faction). It's great to see other Iain M. Banks fans out there!

    As a review: I am greatly enjoying this series because it's an interesting combination of mystery, intrigue, decent spaceship mechanics (The Expanse being a clear motivator), and most importantly the ethical growth of a hybrid AI.

    Plus who couldn't love a cute whimsical haiku-quoting side character.

    Very curious to see where we go next - will it be adventure, exploration or empire building?

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: a2 – chapter 62 – purge protocol

    A space adventure that really takes you on an adventure.

    The characters are interesting and the secrets in the setting are slowly revealed so you don't get overloaded.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: a2 – chapter 37 – dedia iv

    This is a very enjoyable story.  The characters are believable both human and AI and I have fallen in love with all three of the main crew.  The crews interactions are probably my favorite parts of this story.  The combination of emotion and serious events intertwined with comedic overtones keep me reading and loving this story.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: a2 – chapter 63 – jump point battle

    I like this story.  It has some good points and some bad points but is overall quite compelling. 

    Lets start with the parts I had trouble with:  First, the beginning arc.  It was a bit of a slog to get through.  After several chapters of the ship about to break apart each chapter became more of the same.  I was a big confused by some of the mechanics as well.  Being at a la grange point means it is a point where gravity from the celestial bodies nets zero.  One would think anything with enough velocity would just break free of the point and eventually get affected by gravity normally.  I know it was kinda explained but I never really understood it.

    Some of the characters could be developed a bit further.  Abby for example has a really rough transition.  She shows up and in now time at all they are taking place in a battle for survival.  It would have been nice if there was some more day to day life on the new station to familiarize readers with the characters there. 

    Another thing that bugs me is that there are a lot of model numbers, code names, abbreviations and other alphabet soup stuff.  I'm not sure what the point of this is other than making it harder to read.

    The expanse-style tech is cool.  Some others have mentioned the lack of starship shields which really makes this stand out in my opinion.  Space battles are abrupt and devastating. This story handles that well. 

    The nanite powers and technology introduced is compelling too. Even if some of the characters are a bit weak the worldbuilding is top notch. &Nbsp;

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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: a2 – chapter 52 – collider surf

    An excellent story. The characters are charmingly written and it puts time and dedication into a convincing setting. Though it cheekily inserts some litrpg aspects, they are integrated well with the story's premise. The grammar is spot on and the pacing, even during combat, is thoroughly enjoyable. Absolutely recommended.

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