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/ Series / The Crawford’s Multiverse Of Madness
The Crawford’s Multiverse Of Madness
The Crawford’s Multiverse Of Madness
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3.7 (12 ratings)
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Zeel Crawford was created to be the Perfect Child of The Homo-Superior Race.
However, nothing turns out as planned. The Perfect Child has one small defect - unable to experience emotions.
Join Zeel on his journey of survival through the Multiverse to learn about who he was, is, and the great person he will become.
Note: Ever watched an awesome movie/anime/series that just didn't have the proper ending? Then this is where you belong, as I intend to give all movies/animes/series the proper ending they deserve.

4 to 5 Chapters every week when I am not working. Give me courage by following, rating, and commenting.

I don't own resident evil or anything to do with the franchise and only own my own OC's.

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Help me continue to provide amazing chapters, and watch me expand through the Movie-verse, into the anime-verse, and then into the novel-verse. I don't plan on leaving a stone unturned with your continued support.

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      Status: chapter 61 – marry me?

      well, first of all, read the tags, they are pretty self-explanatory.

      don't expect what you should not...

      I hate to spoil anything for you (because I love the story to the bone), so give a read for 10 chapters or so.

      I got hocked, I hope you do too. this work needs more love

      Read More

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