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/ Series / Saga of the Great Wolf
Saga of the Great Wolf
Saga of the Great Wolf
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In the Dragon Seal Universe, humans worship the Celestial Court of the Dragon Gods. As per the edicts of the Celestial Court, humans Cultivate the Dao to seek strength and rise above their common roots. If they rise to one day serve the Dragon Gods directly, they have the chance to be initiated into the Greater Secrets of the Daos, which can allow them to live for millions of years.

Coalescence, the Path of Transcendence, is considered a Heretical Art of the Demonic War Masters, whose evil empire was said to have been overthrown hundreds of millennia in the past by the Celestial Court. Wolves, a species that are said to have once served the War Masters, are listed by the Temple of the Celestial Court as one of the most corrupt of Demonic Beasts. They are killed on sight.

Surrounded by the Demonic Wildlands and protected by the ancient Watch Towers, a number of human nations and empires thrive atop the Great Plateau. Cultivators rule over the general populace and the Temple of the Celestial Court rules over the Cultivators. Anyone caught practicing Coalescence is sentenced to death by torture.

I am half human and half Wolf. Since I am already under a death sentence for my Bloodline, there is nothing to stop me from setting out on the Path of Coalescence. As I promised my mother, I will grow strong. When I am strong enough, I will destroy the Dragons and Dragon Gods. I will set this world, once known as Sirius, free from their chains.

Releases will be on Fridays.

Antihero Protagonist Crafting Cultivation Dark Determined Protagonist Half-human Protagonist Hiding True Identity Male Protagonist Mutated Creatures Overpowered Protagonist Secretive Protagonist Social Outcasts Unique Cultivation Technique World Tree
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter viii: trinity

    A very promising start here lads! Very promising start indeed! And I will tell you right now, if this is anything like his previous works it's going to bloody rock!

    Very much looking forward to more!

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter xiv: bullies and bitches

    Not for the faint of heart or the pearl clutchers.

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    5 Likes · Like
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