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Free Agent
Free Agent
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Erin Razor uses her coffee to get through the day, her motorcycle to get around Meridian City, and her constant research to survive what she - and most of the world - is pretty certain is a computer-generated reality.

Had she known a career in programming would put her in an office with Tyson, one of the Outsiders joyriding in her world, Erin might have sought isolation on a rural commune.

The mind-dominating system that controls the world now seems determined to force Erin to make friends with Tyson and his cohort of Outsiders. Erin quickly realizes she’s in a fight for her own mind as she tries to contain the havoc wrought by their ‘fun’, which starts with events as a seemingly low stakes date and morphs over their friendship into spectacles like Erin’s own live- streamed kidnapping.

Either she must resolve to absolve herself of the guilt of enabling these Outsiders and their deadly superheroic games, or else Erin will need to stand up to the system that has kept everyone, including the Outsiders, ignorant of the scope of its conquest to make any difference.

Female Protagonist Kidnappings Modern Day
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