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/ Series / Didn’t Read The Fine Print [BL]
Didn’t Read The Fine Print [BL]
Didn’t Read The Fine Print [BL]
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Jin Huang at the age of eighteen thought it would be fun to go to various worlds and experiencing the lives of others along with making money from it. This will be his first time earning money and having a job.

Perhaps he might overcome his shyness? Well, He doesn’t have high hopes of being able to overcome this to the point of being able to have a lover. Perhaps he might gain a little bit of courage to speak up so at least his thoughts would be heard by others.

However Jin Huang did not read the fine print. Each world will be a horror type of world. If he had known then he would have never agreed for he is absolutely terrified of the horror genre, but fortunately he doesn’t truly experience the extreme horror while others are not that lucky.

In the first world: Jin Huang meets a cute little white fox who is actually a fox demon. To be exact a fox demon that traps whoever enters his villa for almost an entire week after the first night of staying there. Of course the stay there is highly unpleasant despite the food, soft beds, warm clothing, and etc….for there are quite a few vicious ghosts in the villa mainly showing up at night. On the last night the fox demon appears to directly kill anyone still among the living after having his fun of tormenting the unlucky humans or at least that was the plan, but that all changes because of Jin Huang.

-The little fox is cute
-What little fox?! The demon fox is evil!
-The little fox isn't a demon fox. How can a cute little fox be an evil demon fox?
-............You are being fooled

Personal Note: I have been inspired by reading various Danmei (Which means “indulgence in beauty”, it is China's version of what is often called “slash” fiction in other countries) Novels Online along with F/M Chinese Novels which have been translated. There’s a lot more of the F/M Novels translated than Danmei (Machine Translated Novels Using Google Ah Makes A Persons Head Spin and Not Too Reliable Either).

Boys LoveComedyFantasyHorrorMatureRomanceSci-fi
Arranged Marriage Cross-dressing Doting Love Interests First Love Futuristic Setting Handsome Male Lead Past Trauma Royalty Wealthy Characters
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