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/ Series / Legacy of Terra: Forgotten
Legacy of Terra: Forgotten
Legacy of Terra: Forgotten
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Lucas, codename Helix, is the combat techno-medic of Demon squad. It was their task to protect Station 37-H and project Goliath. All Lucas is certain of is that something went terribly wrong in what was going to be their last stand. He was prepared to meet them on the other side. Instead, he finds himself in a familiar place surrounded by faces he has never seen before. His last memory separated by centuries from the present.

His first priority is to find his squad. His second one is to keep the secrets of Goliath. His third priority is to figure out how to achieve the previous two because he and the entirety of Demon squad have become nothing but spectres in the annals of history. He has become forgotten.

Cover image by kevin hou (all rights obtained)

Aggressive Characters Arrogant Characters Artificial Intelligence Betrayal Blackmail Brainwashing Clones Cosmic Wars Cyberpunk Dystopia Fanaticism Firearms Genetic Modifications Human Experimentation Mind Control Psychic Powers Ruthless Protagonist Secretive Protagonist Soldiers Stockholm Syndrome Time Skip
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      New elittesgamer
      Status: vi: property exchange
      Apr 22, 2021

      Great story, I got a little lost in the beginning but the story is very good. 

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