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/ Series / Dark Moon : Rise of The Dark King
Dark Moon : Rise of The Dark King
Dark Moon : Rise of The Dark King
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4.6 (51 ratings)
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He was a prince from the biggest kingdom in the Andromeda Continent.His family was the Holy Knight descendants who had killed the dark king. A mysterious accident took his father's life and cursed him with the dark power, making everyone doubt his identity. His uncle treated him as a war puppet even forcing him to relinquish his right to the king's throne and his cousin treated him like his nemesis.

Feeling guilty for his father's death, he decided to give his blind loyalty to his kingdom and accidentally fell in love with an unknown woman. But after all things started going well, he was accused of rebelling and was cruelly executed. A dark power revived him, but he was not the same person they once knew. This time he would rise again not only as a king but a king among the kings that conquered the land...

>This is love at first sight, but also a slow burn romance (Romance subplot)
>The story mostly about the MC's internal struggle
>Please expect a lot of battle and fighting scenes as well as some political maneuvers in this story
>The MC is cold and mostly act by his status as a royalty
>His past play a big role so please be patient

>Cover by Commission Nanda

Antihero Protagonist Betrayal Cold Protagonist Conflicting Loyalties Fallen Nobility Fantasy World Kingdoms Knights Love at First Sight Nobles Past Plays a Big Role Past Trauma Slow Romance Strategist Sword And Magic Sword Wielder Wars
Table of Contents 296
Reviews 3
Table of Contents
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    Status: second arc (his art of...

    I really like this story. The MC is an unfortunate prince chained to a tangled fate, all caused by his unlucky past and his family misunderstanding. 

    The dynamic of the characters are really well done. There are some battles and kingdom building but what makes me love this story is, it has Shakespeare flavor in it, especially Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. But the problem is: it makes you want for more. 

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: second arc (his art of...
    Interesting fantasy kingdom story with a well-written MC, good character development, interesting storyline, and frustrating slow romance!
    I didn't think I would like this story. At first I was quite disappointed with the MC character, especially at the beginning of the story, but the synopsis has already said he was a war puppet before becoming a king. I found the good character development starting from the first arc and the storyline was amazing.
    This story is not just a story about someone who takes revenge after being betrayed by his family, but there are so many complications that make this story interesting. I won't shed the story too much or give spoilers. Just read this story with any precognition you may have about it.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: prologue (his bitter past) – 19. his...

    Competently written but impressivly hallow/cartoonish characters. The king and prince have barely any reason to doubt the MC yet hur-dur f**k him because we're so evil... The MC naivette doesnt help punching me out of the story. If the characters werent so bad the novel would be great.

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    3 Likes · Like
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