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/ Series / Death March — Fixed
Death March — Fixed
Death March — Fixed
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3.5 (76 ratings)
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This is a remake/fanfiction of Death March. This story is about a poor, overworked (Virgin) programmer called Alex Conner, who is summoned to a game-like fantasy world. In this new world, he accidentally gains immense power, and slave-girls who are willing to sleep with him. Follow our MC on his journey of sightseeing and fun...and killing Demons.

To the people who think this fix is the same as the original: (The original, try to make it far enough through to compare them :P )

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody
Age Regression Based on an Anime Beastkin Demi-Humans Devoted Love Interests Fantasy World Human-Nonhuman Relationship Lack of Common Sense Polygamy Programmer R-15 R-18 Reincarnation Romantic Subplot Slave Harem Slaves
Table of Contents 237
Reviews 6
Table of Contents
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    Status: vol 7 – chapter 9 – getting to know...

    The only difference is that this non japanese MC is more murdery. And not shy in touching his slaves. That's the parts in the original that I didn't like, pretty much being a simp and a hypocrite.

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    Status: vol 4 – chapter 1 – a noble way...

    Pretty much a copy of the story after 3 "volumes" and only real difference is the transmigrators are English instead of Japanese, yet they are still otakus. Mostly gave it a 2, instead of 1, because at least it wasn't a major butchering of the original, but not much more going for itself to warrant reading it over the original.

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: vol 3 ch 1

    Like every one says pretty much a direct copy and the few thing that have been changed does not affect or change the story in any major way why go thru all this trouble if your going to do so little ?

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    Status: vol 10 – chapter 4 – adventurer’s guild

    In general, a summary leaving 90% of the series and original dialogues untouched, basically the MC is not a typical Japanese prince, so he is not ashamed to play as much as he wants, I change the plot to add a blacksmith, a blacksmith that he left lying and practically forgotten, in theory the blacksmith would have to make the team, but in between the dialogues he says that "he" is working or made the team. Among many other things, it is basically a copy paste of sousetsuka in which he removes some parts or capts that could be considered political.

    I liked the initiative to "correct" the original series, but this resulted in practically a carbon copy of it.

    Pd: English is not my native language

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    Status: v2c3

    I did not read Death March.

    I was expecting this to be entertaining, because everything should be new to me; and if this is a fix, then it should be better.. Well I made it to the second VOLUME without seeing anything interesting.

    If this is a fix then the actual Death March must be garbage (was it also vague as all get out?).

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    2 Likes · Like

     i have read the whole wn  and nothing has changed from the orignal except he put his hands on his girls and the drawf slave that was not in the orignal story what we readers truly want to see is MC standing up for his dignity and not getting looked down upon everytime he kissing @--es everywhere while he is a literel god he is acting like the usual jap beta or perv even that jap pedo hero hyato and his team gets recidnized world wide while the are just shrimps who cant ever defeat a high class deamon toghether and the MC defeated 4 and and demonlord not counting the lowlel ones and the strongass monsters he casully defeats this is frustrating, now u said its because of the troubles he keep low profile from what I have read his main enemies know his powers and keeping their eyes on him from the shadows and he should have learned by now that keeping a low profile will even attract bugs not scare them away aurthor please improve the MC behaviour he shoould get respect like a badass and the story is just getting to the main part u still have a chance of redenmption 

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