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Tartarus Online
Tartarus Online
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“The new is built upon the old. This is true across all realities, and even the gods themselves cannot escape this fact.

Welcome to Tartarus Online, a VRMMOG (Vi-Mog) that offers far more than your usual roleplaying game fare. It is a whole new reality, with a completely level playing field. Gone are the choices of Classes and Archetypes, starting kits and pay-for features. In the bowels of Tartarus, only your effort matters.

Once more I welcome you to Tartarus Online. We are going to have a Hells’ of a time.”

These were the words that really caught Riley Culman’s attention while watching the promotional video the two guys in nicely tailored suits had brought to him. The two men had come with an invitation, and an offer; which sounded more like a deal with a devil, but was seriously on the up-and-up. Not that these guys from Astarte Entertainment had any reason to lie or be evasive on the subject, given just how massive a corporation Astarte is.

Beta Test Tartarus Online. Explore a brand new world. Sleep away his chair-bound life while testing the latest in long term virtual reality immersion technology. And maybe, just maybe regain the mobility robbed from him by an accident as a child. It really sounded all too good to be true to Riley, thus the feeling of making a deal with a devil.

But it was what he wanted, more than anything.

Welcome to Tartarus Online indeed. Even if the Hells’ are only a step away.

[I will also be hosting this story on RoyalRoad once it is approved, thank you.]

ActionAdventureFantasyHistoricalMatureSci-fiSlice of Life
Antihero Protagonist Army Building Artifact Crafting Artificial Intelligence Business Management Character Growth Crafting Cultivation Cunning Protagonist Depictions of Cruelty Disabilities Fantasy World Fast Learner Game Elements Gamers Gods Heaven Hell Mythology Skill Creation
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