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/ Series / Innocent Devil’s Harem
Innocent Devil’s Harem
Innocent Devil’s Harem
252.2k Views 4143 Favorites 74 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 977 Readers
4.3 (136 ratings)
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Kai has a big secret he has kept all his life, even from his older housemate, Serenity, who he began living with, shortly after their parents all died in a car accident. However, when he finds out that Serenity’s best friend has been kidnapped by a serial killer, just how far will he go to save her?

And how will he handle his secret finally getting out, that he’s much more than what he seems?

Copyright © 2020 – Kaizer Wolf

NOTE: This story is R-18 for strong language, mild violence, and adult themes including detailed erotic scenes.
Tags: Harem, Male Lead, Shifter, Lesbian, Supernatural, Succubus

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Absent Parents Adopted Protagonist Appearance Different from Actual Age Couple Growth Crime Demons Early Romance Eye Powers Familial Love Familiars Handsome Male Lead Harem-seeking Protagonist Hidden Abilities Incubus Magic Male Protagonist Older Love Interests Protagonist Strong from the Start R-18 Sealed Power Succubus Threesome
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    Status: c10-4

    It deserves 5 stars.

    I gave it 4, and even wanted to give it a lower score. Well, below I will explain why.

    To begin, it is important to mention that this deserves 5 stars, the grammar is great, the plot is also there, and also the other "plot" is of good quality (Even though it disgusts me). It is clear to me that the author has a plan for this story and all it's characters from the chapters I have read so far. Yet I can't make myself give this story 5 stars, the main reason is enjoyment, or lack of it. It just is not for me, but that does not mean the story is not great, so you should definitely try it.

    Now I will explain, why I did not enjoy this story, and even got disgusted at some points. Again I will repeat myself, it just a matter of personal preference, of taste.

    There might be some minor spoilers, so yeah, be careful.

    It was a nice beginning of the story, and I was really looking forward to reading more and hoping to enjoy it. The story sets itself to be realistic, or as realistic as possible, given that we have a devil (incubus?) as a protagonist. And it kind of failed in my opinion, but it's still good.

      All the chapters available at the moment of this review (10-4), describe the events that happened in 24 hours (might be a little more), and what 24h they were. The protagonist went from a cautious and self-controlling person, to revealing his identity (because of hormones), to accepting, a girl he only met once, in his bed and having s*x with her (remember self-control for all his life ?), to accepting her as his girlfriend, to confessing his love for her, to planning the marriage. What a "realistic" development... But this is not really a complaint, after all there are reasons why he and his new found love of his life act the way they do. 


    It may be because the girl is a part-succubus, but 18 years of self control, gone in one day.


    What disappointed me was, (don't think it's a spoiler if you read the tags), he basically is in love for a very long time with his "sister", and just in a few hours he falls in love with this girl that he met only once, and he knows that the only reason he is attracted to her is her unusual smell. The guy is pretty smart, you would assume that, he might think that there is something wrong with her, that this is not normal and he might be controlled or at least try to understand the reason, and not jump at the chance to f**k, what is basically, a stranger. Damn, he cares so much about what he has at the moment (his "sister"), that the fact of risking it all for this girl is unrealistic and disappointing.

    Well, even that is not really a big complaint, it could easily be justified by hormones, stress, their physiology and MC lack of experience.

    The first warning sign for me, was when the protagonist, was so horny that he dreamed about having s*x with his "sister" (not the warning sign, it's why we are here after all.), but he reasons that this might be impossible to accomplish and then he dreams about masturbating while listening (essentially watching) her with another man. This thought makes him happy and depressed at the same time. Well this was the first warning that the guy might be happy being a cuck, just to enjoy listening (watching), his sister, the person he loves, having s*x with someone else. It's not my kink, and it made me disgusted, but I was hey, the guy is really horny and can't think rationally at the moment maybe it's just one time thing, well I was wrong.  

      Then the protagonist repeats a few times, to the new love of his live (24 hours remember?), that he would still accept her if she cheated. At that moment I kind of lost all my respect for the guy. If the dude does not have any self respect, I also won't care about him. It is important to mention- THERE WON'T BE NTR, author repeatedly states it and I believe him. But still we were showed (teased), that the MC, would be accepting his potential lovers even if they cheated on him, or that he would get s*xually excited when the REAL love of his life would be banged by someone. Yeah, he would feel bad, but in the end he will be okay with it. 

    And the last thing that confirmed for me that the protagonist, is a latent cuck, was his behavior in bed. (Given all the signs from above, not that being an M equals to being a cuck, but I came to this conclusion based on all the signs I mentioned, and in the majority of cases a cuck is also an M)

    I get that he was a virgin, a highly hormonal guy (devil, incubus?), but he is a masochist. All the mistress thing, him being submissive and accepting that he is a toy for the girl (remember, it's the second time they meet, and the first time they talk), it made me a little disgusted (The first s*x of 2 virgins, and what a play... practically a porn scene, whatever we are reading porn, but remember realism?, maybe it's different for devils in comparison with normal humans). BUT what really made me disgusted was him kissing and eating her out, WITH remains of his cum involved. I really don't want to shame anyone kinks, it is just how I felt, and I felt disgusted. All these facts made me realize that the guy has the potential to become a perfect cuck for his mistress, and in the end accepting it. Not my kink. (Damn, those two scenes that had to be hot, became disgusting...)

    So it is a submissive MC (only towards girls), and that's okay I guess, but it will always stay in my mind that, if not for the authors power over the story, the guy is a cuck in his heart. And, I said it a lot, it's disgusting to read and not my kink. I'm sure it will find it's audience. I'm afraid to imagine the future, being a boy-toy for his harem, if we could call it a harem in the first place.

    In the end, it is a greatly written story and it is clear that it is a well planned one. I would vote a lot lower in order to reflect my level of enjoyment. But I can't do that, when clearly, this is a greatly written story. The fact that I was disgusted doesn't take away from it's quality. It just is not for me. Not my kinks.

    Good luck and enjoy the story! 

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    17 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 1-1: my sister’s...

    From the get-go, I can already tell the writing quality is one of the best I've seen on this site.

    • HAREM ✔
    • NO NTR ✔

    What more can you ask for?

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 6-2: going at it...

    Take my word for it, it's Gold. MC's quite balanced in a good way.-Shy but willing to take risks -OP but tactically cautious The characters' emotions and thoughts, including the dialogues are fantastically developed. And the 18+ scenes are just... godly. So stop reading this review and go see for yourselves.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 9-4: a shocking reveal...

    This has quickly become my favorite work on the website! The writing is competent, the pacing adequate, it's easy to empathize with the characters.

    (the relationship between the protagonist and the covergirl could be seen as unrealistically rapid, but I suspect that it has to do with some supernatural aspect that will be explored further down the line)

    My only concern is that it does not devolve into banal sadistic fetishizing with female characters being painfully two dimensional.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 10-4: my girlfriend wants...

    Review has been changed due to clarification from the Author.

    Their is no cucking. The girls never sleep with another man. The MC grows out of his initial submissivness into a more direct and assertive man. I recommend the story for sure and will update this review if there are any unforseen changes.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: --

    Loved everything in the story. The plot, harem building, backstory, etc. MC's kink's weirded me out a tad bit, the cucking part especially, with the sister that is. Other than that, it really is great! Am looking forward for more! 

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: c0

    In summary to the bottom, do not read If you do not like MC submissive, masochist, potential cuckold, lover of netorase but those are his tastes there will not be Ntr that involves a man.

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    1 Likes · Like
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