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/ Series / The Magic Lumberjack
The Magic Lumberjack
The Magic Lumberjack
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4.5 (63 ratings)
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Kane — who was once a mighty ax saint and master blacksmith — fell from his glory after completing his vengeance. He fled to a faraway kingdom but was killed by an invading demon in an unfortunate event.

For an unknown reason, his journey somehow hasn’t ended. Kane found himself in the body of a lumberjack’s son. He had to return to his former strength before pursuing the demon. And thus, he worked hard and strives to become a strong warrior just like his previous life in the upcoming aptitude evaluation.

“I’m definitely going to become a warrior!”

The result came out. The horrendous muscle pain after training and countless times swinging his ax were only to become... a mage.

“Wait, what?”

Follow Kane Foxsnove — who had never used magic in his both lives — becomes the first ax-wielding mage, the magic lumberjack.

Some romance will be added in the later chapters.

A rewrite of my first work in RR, Magic Lumberjack.
Special thanks to Arsha and Nebiros for helping me with the writing process.

ActionAdventureFantasySchool Life
Academy Alchemy Antihero Protagonist Appearance Different from Actual Age Blacksmith Calm Protagonist Child Protagonist Clever Protagonist Demi-Humans Elemental Magic Half-human Protagonist Hiding True Identity Magic Male Protagonist Manipulative Characters Mysterious Past Pragmatic Protagonist Previous Life Talent Romantic Subplot Saints Strong Love Interests Sword And Magic Transmigration Underestimated Protagonist Weak to Strong
  1. Chapter 35Mar 7, 2021
  2. Chapter 34Feb 28, 2021
  3. Chapter 33Feb 19, 2021
  4. Chapter 32Feb 12, 2021
  5. Chapter 31Feb 5, 2021
  6. Chapter 30Jan 27, 2021
  7. Chapter 29Jan 19, 2021
  8. Chapter 28Jan 12, 2021
  9. Chapter 27Feb 22, 2020
  10. Chapter 26Feb 12, 2020
  11. Chapter 25Feb 4, 2020
  12. Chapter 24Jan 27, 2020
  13. Chapter 23Jan 19, 2020
  14. Chapter 22Jan 12, 2020
  15. Chapter 21Jan 1, 2020
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      Status: chapter 15
      Jan 26, 2019

      It’s good, you should read it.

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      5 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: announcement
      Oct 30, 2019

      it was a good read.i realy liked how the MC is especialy in the combat department.

      too bad there have been no further uploads of the story and I asume there won't be any chapters coming our way.

      so be warned when you start to read! It realy hurts because it just stops in the beginning!

      (edit) YAY there are some updates starting 25 dec 2019 love to see this gem back at it can't wait for more.

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c21
      Jan 9, 2020

      Pretty good story so far and the MC is interesting.

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      0 Likes · Like Permalink
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