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No One’s Story
No One’s Story
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The protagonist of the story. An ordinary young man who woke up one day to a goddess standing in front of him. Given another chance at life in another world after his sudden and strange death, he decides to take it. But unlike most people, he was cautious. A bit too cautious. At the same time, he took a risk and made a gamble with his identity on the line. The result of that gamble...

His primary abilities are control over the concepts of Absolute Memory and Information Concealment. The former allows him pseudo-immortality and time-travel through the ability to overwrite his past memories with his current. The latter allows him to be a perfect assassin if he wished it... but Nowun seems to be a bit too obsessed with power to realize that.

A contradictory individual who can be good or evil, hero or villain. In one breath, he will save a life. In the next, he will toss it aside. But above all else, he seeks strength and power. As for the reason...

Aria Sylvania

The youngest elf princess of Alvheim. After the invasion by the Imperial Soldiers, she fled for her life and shut her eyes to the tragedies occurring around her. Racing through the Ancient Forest and fleeing the imperial soldiers, she resolved herself to a peaceful death in the Lost Woods over a tragic end at the hands of the Empire. Even so, she prayed for salvation. In the end, that prayer was answered by 'no one'.

As an elf, Aria possesses talent towards spirit magic and archery. Due to her soul's attribute, she also possesses a great aptitude towards wind element, enough to gain the affection of the Goddess. Yet, she's still young and naive, unable to utilize her full potential. If she could...

A bright and innocent maiden, just barely on the cusp of adulthood (in human years). Naive and still dependent upon others, after the imperial soldiers invaded, her personality shifted, and in the end...

Faithful Companion (Stick)

A stick that was picked off the ground in the Lost Woods. Nothing extraordinary about it. Yet, due to the fact that Nowun continually chose it to fight at his side across countless lifetimes, insurmountable karma has changed it to something far greater than a mere 'stick'. And in truth, its form is...

Because it's a stick, it is brittle. Yet, due to Nowun using it as a conduit for his mana and skills, it has taken on the attributes of Chaos and Darkness. In its current state, perhaps even Divine Armaments would be cut in half...?

As a stick, it doesn't really have much of a personality. It can't, limited by its form. Still, it cares deeply for the one who picked it off of the ground and called it their faithful companion. The result of that devotion...

Image credit: マドンナ岡本

A being of true catastrophe that was sealed within the Lost Woods. Once a divine dragon, she fell into a demonic dragon due to wrath and despair, sacrificing her very existence in exchange for power. From the moment she met Nowun they were fated to clash. As for how that ends...

As a divine dragon, she possessed control over white lightning and miracles. As a fallen dragon, the white lightning became darkness and the miracles turned to a curse. The immense mana and strength of a dragon remained, amplified by her fall, thus making it impossible for even Braves to do anything else but seal her. Just what kind of strength would be needed to defeat her...?

Having lost her sense of self due to her fall, her personality is lacking and a bit robotic. Perhaps in time she would be able to regain some humanity...?

Goddess Serena

The eccentric goddess that routinely sends people from Earth (with permission) to her world for personal amusement. She's the origin behind the isekai stories in Nowun's world, something she finds infinitely amusing whenever she takes a trip to look around Earth.

A creation goddess that has transcended the concept of death, she is capable of manipulating time, space, fate, and even reality when it comes to her domain. As a result, all of existence seems to have lost meaning in her eyes. Just what would it take to change her...?

As an individual, the goddess loves mischief and drama. That's the primary inspiration behind her sending so many people over from Earth. Those souls born under the light of that incredible being carry a power of change that can go beyond her expectations. Though, that seems to be declining as time passes by... 

The picture above is the form she showed to Nowun when they began their discussion, though this picture is with her in divine attire rather than a school girl outfit.

Titania Sylvania

Image credit: マドンナ岡本

The eldest princess of Alvheim and Aria's sister. A prodigy of both magic and swords, she pioneered the path of elven swordsmanship and became the Commander of an elite magic swordsman corp. Yet, she fell alongside her kin when the imperial soldiers attacked. In the end, she...

As an elf, she possesses high aptitude towards spirit magic and mana in general. Specifically, she has an aptitude for wind and ice magic, something she incorporated in her dual elements blade style. A talented fighter, yet a bit inept in other aspects.

Describing her in one word... Tsundere. Perhaps because she grew too used to fighting and didn't spend enough time being a girl, she possesses a cold and frosty persona. Still, she cares a lot, especially for her baby sister, Ari.

The Nameless One
Nameless One

The Nameless One. True identity unknown. Assumed to be male. 


He is the current opponent of the Goddess Serena, facing off against her in a cosmic game with Asifant on the line. After 'cheating' in the opening acts of the game, he finds himself facing a sudden reversal with only three pieces left in play.


Abilities unknown. At the least, he is a transcendent being capable of standing outside time and space while remaining unaffected by fate. His very nature is indistinct and seemingly in flux, making it hard for anyone or anything to get a grasp on him.

I don't think I can tell you very much about him that would be helpful. 

Zhan Xinxin

Xinxin portraitXinxinGrown

The daughter of the Zhan Clan leader. She possesses the infamous beauty that could topple kingdoms and ruin empires, bewitching gods and demons alike. Despite that, she lacks any aptitude for cultivation and is seen as nothing more than a bartering piece for the declining Zhan Clan. 

Other than her beauty, Xinxin doesn't possess much. She lacks training, inherent talent, and even luck. Yet, a chance encounter might turn all of that around...

Despite her calamitous beauty, Xinxin is relatively down to earth. Modest, somewhat timid, she would make the perfect housewife. Yet, she is determined to avoid that fate at all costs, at least in regards to her fiance. If she's to be with someone, she wants to at least be with someone who will cherish her. Though whether or not that lies in her fate is something else altogether...



Asifant, where the story unfolds. Displayed is the primary continent on the world.

Cover Art

Volume 1: Asifant
Volume 1 Cover

Volume 2: Faith
Volume 2 cover

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      Status: c31 double take
      Oct 21, 2019

      The story has progressed so far I wonder why anyone hast written a review yet!

      The story is well handled! It doesnt feel rushed! Each chapter is long and gives a good pace! 

      I admit that there are many questions yet to be resolved and there are portions that can be better handled but the story has yet to end by the time of my review!

      Even so I say well written! It is a good story! Go! READ IT!

      For those looking for story based review here:

      We follow a man with no name. We arent given much about his past and mostly what we know of him is paved through his actions, words, and thoughts. However as the series progresses we lose his thought as we enter another character's POV and I think that was a good choice. Because this time we felt him more than we learnt.

      I particularly enjoyed this story.

      Read More

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