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Boruto in Dragon Ball
Boruto in Dragon Ball
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Boruto and Sarada having their whole planet be destroyed, they were transported into another world. This world is the Dragon Ball universe, right when Goku is a teenager (17-18). Boruto and Sarada tries to bring their world back, however it would seem that there world can never be restored. Read as Boruto and Sarada decide to settle in to the DB world, creating a family, and fighting against people who threatened the world.

*Also don’t take this seriously!*

*Gohan will be genderbend! This is for the future storyline though where Boruto has a son.*

If you’re expecting this to be good, then don’t cause I’m just gonna rush this a lot, and somethings might not make sense. Anyways I’m just writing this fic cause I’m trying to mess around.

ActionFanfictionMartial ArtsRomance
Boruto DBZ Naruto
Clever Protagonist Cold Protagonist Confident Protagonist Crossover Death of Loved Ones Devoted Love Interests Doting Love Interests Hiding True Abilities Male Protagonist Marriage Mature Protagonist Pregnancy Protagonist Strong from the Start Transported into Another World
  1. Chapter 9Apr 29, 2021
  2. Chapter 8Apr 28, 2021
  3. Chapter SevenApr 27, 2021
  4. Chapter sixApr 26, 2021
  5. Chapter 5Apr 20, 2021
  6. Chapter 4Apr 19, 2021
  7. Chapter 3Apr 18, 2021
  8. Chapter 2Apr 18, 2021
  9. Chapter 1Apr 18, 2021
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