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/ Series / Monstrous Heroic Decimation
Monstrous Heroic Decimation
Monstrous Heroic Decimation
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Can a single person rise above everything the world throws at him?

A world where a single person's life is only worth the amount they're able to carve out of the other's body... a world where the veil of society is held together with a thin veneer, in tiny pockets of a world they once inhabited...

Sam is about to hit the coming of age ceremony, and his life up til this point has been good with two caring parents attending school everyday, yet will he throw all that away because of what's about to come?

A cultivation-esque, monster taming/evolution story.

Posting this on other sites too, such as royalroad under the name Tigko.

Ability Steal Artificial Intelligence Beast Companions Beasts Cultivation Dragon Riders Dragons Evolution Magic Monster Tamer Monsters R-18 Spatial Manipulation Weak to Strong Xianxia Yandere
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